Kickstarter Spotlight | Feb. 19

February 19, 2014


Among The Stars Promo Set

by MAGE Company

If you’ve missed either of the two prior Kickstarters, or never managed to grab a copy of the promos for Among The Stars, this release is for you. Being offered by the MAGE Company, on behalf of Artipia Games, this project takes the promo items from both the base game and the Ambassadors expansion and repackages them into their own boxed set. Additionally, they are offering copies of all of their previous games, such as Briefcase and Drum Roll, as as ‘add-ons’.

Personally, campaigns such as these are beginning to annoy me a bit; Kickstarter is not a store, quit offering your back stock as a major portion of the project. It serves only to inflate both the ‘required’ goal, and the overall total for the campaign.

Shadows Of Esteren – Monastery of Tuath

by Jim Searcy

Shadows Of Esteren is a pencil-and-paper role playing game set in the medieval world of Tuath, a world of horror and gothic influences along with a distinctly Celtic twist. The third book in the series, (Fourth, if you count the Book 0 Prologue), the Monastery of Tuath continues in adding detail to the existing world, and creating a brand new campaign for the player characters to investigate. PDFs, as well as hardback versions for those of us who appreciate a good book are available, as is a series of nicely-done Limited Edition copies.

Originally available only in French, this series has been translated and is being reprinted with additional material for introduction on this side of the ocean.

War of Kings

by Seth and Heath Robinson

A first-time endeavor by Seth and Heath Robinson, War of Kings is a strategic war game, offering a fun set of miniatures and a unique economic system. Designed for two-to-six players, the game offers a simultaneous turn structure to alleviate downtime during the construction and resource-gathering phase, while movement and combat are sequential. Similar to Clash of Cultures, cities are upgradable through four different size levels, and feature an additional four types of defense from a simple wooden palisade up to an unbreachable citadel that are physically added to the miniatures on the board.

Kingdom Builder – Big Box Kickstarter Edition

by Queen Games

No, this is not a repeat from last week. Yes, Queen Games is running another Kickstarter for a ‘Big-Box’ edition of one of their established games. This week, they offer you Kingdom Builder, the 2012 Spiel des Jahres winner by Donald X. Vaccarino. This edition contains the Nomads and Crossroads expansions, and also the Caves and Capital promos. Additionally, they’re providing five unique wooden buildings for the Kickstarter offering, for which they plan to charge $25 at retail afterwards.

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