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WEB EDITOR/TECH SUPPORT : I enjoy all types of games from fillers to 3 hour euros. I am the least experienced member of the group but I have pretty quickly learned the whose who of the tabletop world. I am always willing to play any game you put in front of me. I enjoy listening to progressive metal music and I am a die hard Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan.

Steebin’s Top 5 of 2014

Jan 06, 2015No Comments4326 Views

Over the past year my board game collection has grown drastically. Here are my Top 5 favorites from 2014!

Sultaniya | Review

Sep 30, 2014No Comments17703 Views

Take on the role of a prospective candidate vying for the respect and title of “Grand Vizier.” It will be no small task, however, as

Games We’ve Yet to Play (Top 50 BGG) ...

May 19, 2014No Comments4300 Views

This list is of games on the BGG top 50 list that we have not yet played, and we are dying to get to the

Steebin and Mazzy 10×10: First 5

May 15, 2014No Comments3106 Views

Stealing the idea from Buns and Kelly B!, I proposed that my wife Alicia (Mazzy) and myself (Steebin) take a crack at the Tabletop Challenge:

“Flip the Table” Games | LoNG L...

Apr 18, 2014No Comments5651 Views

Do you have that one game that makes you so competitive, or so long and drawn out, or just so gosh darn fun that

Letters from Whitechapel | Review

Apr 04, 20141 Comment43921 Views

Will you become an investigator, working to rid the city of this monster? Or, will you step into the shoes of a killer and try

Our Favorite Co-Op Games | LoNG List

Mar 27, 2014No Comments5885 Views

This list consists of our favorite co-op games. What is a co-op? All players are working together against the board game mechanics to achieve a

Top 3 Deception Games | LoNG List

Mar 17, 2014No Comments3860 Views

This week's list is all about deception and bluffing games.

5 Games for 6+ Players | LoNG List

Mar 06, 2014No Comments4804 Views

This weeks list is about games that can host 6 or more players. These are some of our favorites for those big group game nights.

Favorite Games for 2 Players | LoNG List

Feb 28, 20141 Comment3499 Views

Here we have a compilation of some of our favorite games to play 2-player. This is not to say the games chosen are limited to