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Gen Con 2015 Recap | Podcast of Nonsensical...

Aug 13, 2015No Comments3054 Views

Our Gen Con Recap episode is here!


Ep. 27 – Top 10 of the BGG Top 100 | ...

Aug 06, 20152 Comments2613 Views

In this pre-GenCon Episode, we all sit down and reflect on our July Top of the Stack, chat about August and dive into our Top


Boardcast News 7.30.2015 & #GenCant In...

Jul 30, 2015No Comments1703 Views

This week's Boardcast News is accompanied by an excellent interview with Suzanne Sheldon, of Dice Tower fame. We chat about GenCant, what it is and


Ep. 26 – Kids Games for Adults and Bl...

Jul 25, 2015No Comments2503 Views

We're back with some discussion about kids games with Blue Orange Games!


Ep. 25 – Hype in the Industry | Podca...

Jul 03, 2015No Comments2158 Views

Hype in the board game industry- where it comes from, the pros and cons, and how we avoid falling victim to it.


Boardcast News 6.25.15 | Podcast of Nonsens...

Jun 25, 2015No Comments2452 Views

Boardcast News Episode for 6.25.15 is here! Join the gang as we discuss a number of recent news stories and Kickstarter projects of interest.


Ep. 24 – Origins 2015 Recap with Matt...

Jun 19, 2015No Comments2492 Views

No segments today! Just a proverbial "ton" of board game talk as we recap Origins Game Fair 2015 with designer Matt Riddle.


Ep. 23 – Traxx & Keep, Trade, Bu...

Jun 03, 2015No Comments2064 Views

We're back with our Top of the Stack for June, a Hipster Highlight from a far off land called "Germany," and a new twist on


Boardcast News 5.28.14 | Podcast of Nonsens...

May 28, 2015No Comments2549 Views

Boardcast News Episode 5 is here! Join the gang as we discuss Spiel des Jahres awards, Origins Game Fair, a few Kickstarter projects and much


Ep. 22 – Matt Wolfe and Pooping Womba...

May 22, 20152 Comments2725 Views

Matt Wolfe joins us for an hour of new segments, games you've never heard of, and talk about Wombat Rescue - a game currently funding