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Lift Off! Get Me Off this Planet! | Review

Sep 30, 2015No Comments3520 Views

Family-style race game to get all of your cute little aliens (alieneeples!) off their home planet before it tragically explodes.


New York 1901 | Review

Sep 23, 2015No Comments5356 Views

With the flatlands of America largely claimed, it’s time to rethink how to live in this world. Up we’ll go, in structures of steel and


Armello | Review

Sep 17, 2015No Comments4597 Views

As word of the King’s impending passing spreads through rumor and whispers, bold leaders from Armello’s clans begin to come forward with every intention of


Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clar...

Sep 17, 20153 Comments5368 Views

Discoveries is a dice-based worker placement game that uses clever placement and manipulation of your resources in an attempt to compile knowledge of the local


AquaSphere | Review

Aug 20, 2015No Comments8593 Views

We review Stefan Feld's most recent game AquaSphere, a strategic underwater worker placement & action selection game for 2-4 brave souls!


Five Tribes | Review

Aug 13, 2015No Comments6287 Views

Your options are as limitless as the desert sands, and so must you find a perfect balance of influence over the tribes if you wish


Roll for the Galaxy | Review

May 13, 201510 Comments12957 Views

Roll for the Galaxy, from designers Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Lehmann, is the dice-based implementation of the popular card game Race for the Galaxy.


One Zero One | Review

May 08, 2015No Comments2798 Views

We review One Zero One an abstract two-player area control card game from designer David Harding and Grail Games.


Wakanda | Review

May 01, 2015No Comments3509 Views

Wakanda, from designer Charles Chevallier, is a set collection game where two players compete in the ancient art of totem building!


Hyperborea | Review

Apr 24, 20151 Comment9034 Views

We review Hyperborea, a beautifully produced civilization building game from Asmodee that uses a unique bag-building mechanic at its core.