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What We’ve Been Playing (7.25.16)

Jul 25, 2016No Comments2270 Views

Too hot for crock pots but that didn't stop us from having a Crock Pot Game Day! (7.25.16)


What We Played at Origins 2016 (Part One)

Jun 21, 2016No Comments2391 Views

Origins 2016 has come and gone but we played so many things, here is just part one! (6.21.16)

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Games We Wanted to Play in 2015 | LONG List

Jan 15, 2016No Comments3220 Views

We played a ton of games in 2015. A whole bunch, really. Even with all of that gaming, though, we just missed some.


Games We Hope Are Under Our Tree | LONG Lis...

Dec 22, 2015No Comments2700 Views

If you’ve been able to control yourself at all this year at your FLGS, then there are hopefully games that sit patiently, wrapped in beautiful


What We’ve Been Playing (11.2.2015)

Nov 02, 20153 Comments2876 Views

Our weekly recap of games we are playing (11.02.2015)