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  1. Game Announcements

      1. Peaceable Kingdom

        1. Mole Rats in Space
      2. R&R Games

        1. Pyramid Poker
      3. AEG

        1. Automobiles: Racing Season Expansion
      4. Ravensberger

        1. 10th Anniversary editions of In the Year of the Dragon and Notre Dame, including new and old expansions
      5. Space Goat Productions

        1. The Terminator: The Official Board Game
      6. CMON Limited

        1. Banana Bandits
        2. Council of 4 Reprint
      7. Thames & KOSMOS

        1. Three Escape-Room Games: Pharoah’s Tomb, Secret Lab, The Abandoned Cabin
      8. Splotter

        1. Antiquity Reprint
      9. Surfin Meeple

        1. Room 25 Ultimate Edition
      10. Queen Games

        1. Alhambra Big Box 2.0
      11. Gale Force 9

        1. Tyrants of the Underdark: Aberrations and Undead
    1. Asmodee

      1. Watson and Holmes (Space Cowboys, Early 2017)
  2. Hobby News

      1. X-Men to join Munchkin
      2. F2Z is now Asmodee Canada
      3. Hand of Fate to become a tabletop experience
      4. Tabletop is back for Season 4
        1. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
        2. Champions of Midgard
        3. Flash Point: Fire Rescue
        4. Tiny Epic Galaxies
        5. Fate Core System
        6. Steam Park
        7. Misspent Youth
  3. App News

      1. Terra Mystica
      2. Meepmoticons

Kickstarter Spotlight

  1. The Bird Told Me to Do It

      1. Project by: Czacha Games
      2. Ending on: Nov. 30
      3. Funding level: Funded!
      4. Cost: $22-ish
      5. Quick Pitch:
        1. Do some crazy Chudyk card play to score points with cutely illustrated birds
  1. Lacorsa

      1. Project by: Mark Haskins
      2. Ending on: Dec. 2
      3. Funding level: 85%
      4. Cost: $50
      5. Quick Pitch:
        1. Stylish, abstract grand prix racing

Quick Mentions

  1. Mythic Battles: Pantheon


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