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  1. UnPub this weekend in Baltimore, MD
    1. Come try Storm Chasers!

Hobby News

  1. CMON Limited hires Eric Lang full-time as Director of Game Design and Adrian Smith as Lead Artist

Game Announcements

1. CMON Limited

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game
  2. Modern Art reprint (Q3)

2. Portal Games

  1. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game (2018)

3. Bezier Games

  1. The Palace of Mad King Ludwig (Spiel 2017)

4. Pandasaurus Games

  1. Minerva, an update to a Hisashi Hayashi design

5. Nevermore and Button Shy Games

  1. “The Spiel Press” premiere roll-and-write games in book form

6. AEG

  1. Custom heroes, a trick-taking game using the card-crafting system

7. Monolith

  1. Batman The Board Game, built on the Conan engine

8. Hurrican

  1. Re-release Madame Ching at a two-player only design

9. Thundergryph Games

  1. Dead Man’s Doubloons

10. Renegade Games (with Foxtrot Games)

  1. The Fox in the Forest (Summer 2017)

11. IDW Games

  1. Teaming up with Atari and Jon Gilmour to bring Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command to the tabletop

12. USAopoly

  1. Monster Box of Monsters for HPDG

App News

  1. Sentinels of the Multiverse “Challenge Mode”
    1. Increases the difficulty of all villains, runs $7 currently
  2. Steam coming to Steam this month
  3. Eight Minute Empire in the works



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