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While rumor swirls in hushed voices and tale-tellers turn cautious glances to one another in back-alley bars, none can truly claim to know the origins of the League. Shrouded in secrecy, myth, and a thousand-and-one tall tales, this band of gamers roam the mean streets of Baltimore in search of that one perfect game. Hear now, the truth behind one featured member and his quest.

How long have you been gaming (in your favorite unit of time measurement)?

“Many fortnights ago, in the days of Grape Escape and Key to the Kingdom, I began, but only recently have I ventured into board gaming as a true hobby.”rainbow_meeple

What color are your meeples when you play?

“I enjoy most colors. If I had my way, I’d play any of the Karuba colors with the exception of doo-doo brown.”

What is your favorite STYLE of game?

“Abstract strategy with dexterity a close second”

Break it down: what is your favorite game mechanic?

baseball_highlights“Action point allotment and bluffing…when it works”

What is currently your FAVORITE GAME?

“Baseball Highlights 2045”

What is your style of play (i.e. social gamer, aggressive, casual—for the fun, etc.)?

“I play for the enjoyment and to win, but only with people I know.”

What do you look for in a great game?

“I look for a respectable amount of depth presented in a simple way—yeah, that makes sense—that requires some thought. And, little coconuts to fling.”

What are your favorite things about board gaming?SonyPS4v1

“I am inspired by the art and the creativity in game design. There are some brilliant ideas out there!”

 What other things do you like (or is board gaming just your entire life)?

“Video games are a constant. As is photography and learning new things. I have a new hobby every week.”


ibc-root-beerHow stupid are games (that you suck at)?

“The stupidest”

What is your favorite beer?

“No beer or soda for me. If it counts, I remember IBC Root Beer being quite good.”

What has been Jim Carrey’s best role??

The Mask was his most fitting role.”

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far?4716707-the+mask

“The toughest question thus far. I don’t like picking favorites, so I’ll say both Alaska and France.”

How many hobbies do you have and what’s the latest addition to the bunch??

“Countless new hobbies, the latest being mountain biking”

Best movie from the last 5 years?

Whiplash blew me away.”_39730457_justin_hawkins_pa

Favorite thematic genre? 

“Quilting, baseball, frogs…”

On a scale from 1 to Justin Hawkins, how good at singing falsetto are you?

Barbarian level, but Mr. Hawkins wins by a…Mudslide”

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PHOTOGRAPHER/GRAPHICS EDITOR : As far as board gaming hierarchy goes, I'm a step above the "casual" gamer (for which I have no name) and I enjoy co-op (possibly more so than competitive) games. I entered the realm of tabletop later than most on this site (unless you count Grape Escape), but I enjoy playing with my family and friends...unless I'm losing.