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While rumor swirls in hushed voices and tale-tellers turn cautious glances to one another in back-alley bars, none can truly claim to know the origins of the League. Shrouded in secrecy, myth, and a thousand-and-one tall tales, this band of gamers roam the mean streets of Baltimore in search of that one perfect game. Hear now, the truth behind one featured member and his quest.

How long have you been gaming (in your favorite unit of time measurement)?

“About twenty years, or approximately 105,192,000 combat rounds.”purple_meeple

What color are your meeples when you play?


What… is your favorite STYLE of game?

“If we’re talking gaming in general, than any sort of grand strategy game, especially if there’s a tactical aspect to it. Turn-based combat works well for me, too, with Battletech and Star Fleet Battles taking top billing. For board games, I’m drawn to civilization-builders and euro-style games where you can plan out the main thrust of your strategy.”

Break it down: What is your favorite game mechanic?

“Tableau-Building wins this one by a nose. I love engine-building and gaining efficiency in my actions, as well as adding to my options throughout the game.”

What… is currently your FAVORITE GAME?manhattan_proj

“This is a tough one, but I may still go with The Manhattan project, even though I never can seem to win at it. I get too caught up with perfecting an efficient and sustainable stable of buildings and workers, and get distracted from the base objective. Argent: The Consortium is a very close second, as a heavily thematic worker-placement game.”

What… is your style of play (i.e. social gamer, aggressive, casual – for the fun, etc.)?

“Aggressively casual, if that makes any sense. I play to win, certainly, but I’m not above trying some weird gambit as the mood strikes me.”

What do you look for in a great game?

“Choices, options, and mechanics that keep the player engaged throughout the game. There is absolutely nothing that I loathe more than a game that boils down to a single ‘right’ answer, or one that leaves the player with nothing to do. Machi Koro continues to be my whipping boy for this, as depending on random chance, you may end up sitting there for six rounds DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! *tangential-rage*.”

 What other things do you like (or is board gaming just your entire life)?

“I have a day hobby in Network Security in order to keep up with my gaming habits. Oh, and my reading habits, as the library I call my collection tends to grow by the day.”



On average, how many wolves are on your T-shirts?Three_Wolf_Moon

“Three. Definitely three.”

If you could only pick one nonsensical phrase to exclaim for the rest of your days, what would it be?

“That’s cruel, limiting me to just one. I still can’t believe you’ve never heard of ‘all around Robin Hood’s barn’!”

What’s your favorite style of beer and what’s your current favorite of that style?

“Stouts! – Right now, I’d have to go with the Cinnamon Roll’d Wake’n’Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout (Hell of a mouthful, that!) by Terrapin Breweries”

xcom-enemy-unknown-download-freeWhich PC game has garnered most of your time?

“This used to be TFC / TF2, but XCOM and XCOM 2 have taken over the top slots for me.”

How many different types of Dwarves are there?

“Hill dwarves, gully dwarves, mountain dwarves, Duregar, sixth-world metahumans, etc. There’s a lot!”

What is your favorite thematic genre?

“Sci-fi, space exploration, and anything highly technical.”

tumblr_nygzawRGh91qzdga6o1_250Best movie from the last 5 years?

“Zootopia – The only movie I’ve seen twice in the theaters.”

What would be (or is) your superpower?

“Seeing the unseen.”

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SENIOR EDITOR : Refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures, reluctant painter. My tastes run towards the strategic side of the fence, with city / civilization / empire builders at the focus. I've moved away from direct-conflict games these days, unless they're two-player or one versus many, so one can properly admire the beatdown put upon the opposing side. Yes, I've been known to wear hats with fuzzy ears on them.