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  1. Hobby News

    1. TMG funded on MicroVentures
    2. Gil Hova writes about Gamer Fatigue
    3. Four new scenarios available for Conan
    4. Hasbro announces winner of Fall design challenge
    5. CMON to offer organized play program to Brick and Mortar
    6. Gloomhaven reprint Kickstarter on April 4th, Noon EST
  2. Game Announcements

    1. Stonemaier Games
      1. The Wind Gambit (Q4)
    2. Pandasaurus Games
      1. Red Scare
    3. Bezier Games
      1. Whistle Stop (Gen Con)
    4. Mercury Games
      1. Shop ‘n Time
    5. Surprised Stare Games
      1. The Cousins’ war
    6. CGE
      1. Codenames: Duet
    7. Renegade Games
      1. Flip ships
    8. Northstar Games
      1. Evolution: Oceans
    9. Iello
      1. Ninja Taisen
      2. The Legend of the Cherry Tree that blossoms every year
  3. App News

    1. Offworld Games to port Exodus: Proxima Centauri from NSKN
    2. Tokaido now available on iOS and Android


Kickstarter Spotlight

  1. Stop Thief
    1. Project by: Restoration Games
    2. Ending on: April 11, 2017
    3. Funding level: FUNDED
    4. Cost: $29
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Revamp of the classic 1979 cops and robbers title, with app integration and no more roll-and-move
  2. The Grimm Forest
    1. Project by: Druid City Games
    2. Ending on: April 14, 2017
    3. Funding level: FUNDED
    4. Cost: $49
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Compete to collect resources and building three houses with the help of fairy tale icons
  3. Badass Riders
    1. Project by: Koti Games
    2. Ending on: April 15, 2017
    3. Funding level: FUNDED
    4. Cost: $22
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Mad Max meets Death Race
  4. King’s Champion
    1. Project by: Talon Strike Studio
    2. Ending on: April 28, 2017
    3. Funding level: 60%
    4. Cost: $23 + $6
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Two-Player Jousting


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