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Boardcast News 11.24.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

Matt & Tiff jump into a very professional discussion of board game news, only to be derailed by conversations about MREs and Will Wheaton's hair.

Boardcast News 10.27.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

The full suite of news topics is here today and we'll take you through them with some fancy new sounds interspersed, a duo of awful hamburger jokes, and an offer to pay Matt small sums of cash for play time. Wait...that sounds weird...

Boardcast News 10.6.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

With 20 minutes of audio on the cutting room floor, we're here with an episode that may officially signal us "jumping the shark." Enjoy some small-talk about board games in between our obvious focus for this week's Boardcast News: hamburger jokes.

Boardcast News 9.15.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

This week: a big handful of new games announced, some hobby drama between people and companies, and a few affordable Kickstarter offerings. Enjoy!

Boardcast News 9.1.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

REMINDER: Join us LIVE on YouTube, September 3rd at 11:00 a.m. for our 2-Year Anniversary Show! It's one of those in-between weeks for news, but Matt still managed to ramble for an hour about some small game announcements and the few shining rays of hope in a sea of awful Kickstarter projects.

Boardcast News 8.18.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

More post-Gen Con news and Kickstarters than you can shake a dry-erase marker at. Rated T, for a cursory reference to illicit drug use. Drugs are bad. Consume responsibly.

Boardcast News 7.14.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

Many, many game announcements and fresh Kickstarter Spotlights to hear about this week. Enjoy!

Boardcast News 6.30.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

Matt and Tiff take you through some quick news stories, including a handful of game announcements, then bounce over to Kickstarter for a bunch of varied and affordable crowdfunding projects.

Boardcast News 6.16.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

Not even Origins 2016 can stop us from delivering the news to you, our lovely listener. Enjoy a wide swath of gaming events, then join us for an overview of three very different Kickstarter projects funding currently. Enjoy! (Please note: since the time of this recording and posting, one of the Kickstarter projects featured has been canceled)

Boardcast News 6.2.2016 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

The SdJ nominees are in and a few high profile projects are funding on Kickstarter!