Kickstarter Spotlight | April 30th

April 30, 2014


Yardmaster – Rule the Rails!

by Crash Games


A card game for 2-4 players, Yardmaster has you take the challenge of trying to wrangle a fast-moving freightyard, loading your train to the brim with high-value cargo! A first-time design by Steven Aramini, Yardmaster has already won the 2014 Ion Award for the Best Light Game.

Crash Games seems excited by this project, splurging on top-notch components without the need to upgrade them through stretch goals, instead using them to add additional cards and content to what you’ll be getting with your pledge.

At only $15 for a copy, and the publisher offering a money-back guarantee for a month if you’re not satisfied, I can’t see a downside to picking this up.

Dogs of War

by CoolMiniOrNot

Designed by Paolo Mori, Dogs of War is a euro-style ‘soldier’ placement game for 3-5 players. Set in a steampunk-influenced renaissance universe, noble houses engage each other in a series of fierce battles for power.

While any project from CoolMiniOrNot gets an automatic -10 penalty to their influence roll against me these days, this one appears to be a standard board game with some interesting playing pieces as an add-on, so they shouldn’t be able to screw it up too badly.


by Keith Matejka


You may recognize this game from a past Spotlight, but this project has just hit a few important stretch goals heading into the final 48 hours, and it’s worth mentioning one more time.

Remember those musings about ‘cubes on a lily pad’? Well, each copy of the game will now be coming with a full complement of frog meeples! Fourteen frogs and two bullfrogs in each player color will fill out the game box, and they look pretty darn adorable if you ask me!

Additionally, each deck will be getting a newly-designed piece of artwork; whereas they all previously shared the same scene, there will now be three additional views.

If you didn’t catch our preview the first time around, give it a shot here: Bullfrogs Preview

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