Kickstarter Spotlight | December 12th


MIND – The Fall of Paradise

by WhatWeMake

An asymmetric, scenario-driven game, MIND is for one to four players, with one taking control of the titular AI system, and up to three other players taking the part of rebel leaders.

While the overall desire of both forces remain the same, survival of the species, the rebels feel that inclusion in this AI-created ‘paradise’ is too high a price to pay.

Earth’s fifteen districts are torn with war.. all but one; this lone exception under the domination of the MIND. One by one, they will be consumed by conflict, and slowly but surely…Earth will be destroyed. Your goal is to colonize the solar system and make sure that mankind does not die with Earth’s destruction.

HELVETIA Cup (And More)


After a false start and a 5-yard penalty, HELVETIA Cup is back on Kickstarter for a second try at this expansion project! Five new expansion teams are available through this campaign, along with an ice-themed playing surface and several other bonuses!

HELVETIA Cup is a fast-moving and intense fantasy soccer game which takes place in a small country called Helvetia. In this 2 players game each player acts as a coach to bring a team through epic games and into the ultimate championship. To win, you will need tactical skills, strategy and a good knowledge of each teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

BoardGameGeek: The Card Game

by BoardGameGeek

A set collection game for 2 to 6 players, BGG: TCG puts players in.. well.. their own shoes, really, as they hurry off to build sets of games through trades and purchases. Games may be added either to sets of those that they ‘play’ (same category), and those that are put aside into their ‘collection’ (a set of unique categories).

It appears to be published by Game Salute, alas, so I’ll likely be taking a pass on it, but if you feel the need to support the site, it seems like a fun little concept.

The World’s Greatest Games Site is now an awesome Card Game! Play or Collect Games, score points as you go and keep BGG up and running!

FreeSpace Tactics

by FreeSpace Development Corp

Hello, my old friend! I’m not even going to mention the amount of time I spent playing either FreeSpace or its sequel back in the day.

Featuring several different classes of starfighter to pilot in this tactical miniatures game, FreeSpace Tactics unfortunately makes no mention of capital-ship combat, something that was so memorable from the original PC games. I can only hope that several of the included campaign scenarios will handle this!

FreeSpace is the classic series of space combat simulations first published by Interplay Entertainment Corp. in 1998. In the FreeSpace video games, players man the cockpits of fighters and bombers as pilots in the Great War between the human Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) and the Vasudans, an alien race. The appearance of the Shivans, a third, previously unknown, alien race upsets the balance of the GTA-Vasudan conflict, forcing old enemies to unite in the face of a common threat.

Story War: Sentinel Conflict

by GreaterThanGames

Set in the Sentinels universe, Story War is a narrative party game for 3-8 players, with individuals pitting their team of superheros against their opponents through a storytelling gauntlet! Additionally, as part of this project, GreaterThanGames also intends to produce their first printed comic book, ‘Cosmic Contest‘, weighing in at a hefty 50+ pages of full-colour content!

Story War is all about using creativity and humor in impromptu storytelling to defeat your opponents! In Sentinel Conflict, each player will have a hand of Character cards and Item cards, and will use those heroes, villains, devices, and equipment to assemble the best team to take on the other players!

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