Kickstarter Spotlight | Feb. 26th

February 26, 2014


Tokaido Collectors Edition

by Funforge LLC

LoNG_KS_Badge_01Just launched today, the Tokaido Collectors Edition is available for excited fans to throw their money at! Designed by Antoine Bauza and illustrated by Naïade (of Seasons fame), this edition features both the base game and the Crossroads expansion together in one box, along with a soundtrack by Eric Los. In addition to the above, what makes this collectors edition so special, are the 16 ‘supercute’ miniatures, along with a set of custom coins and new scoring markers.

Stretch goals include an additional set of miniatures, more music for the soundtrack, and even having those miniatures provided pre-painted!

Dreadball XTREME

by Mantic Games

LoNG_KS_Badge_01For those unaware, Dreadball is something of a hot item these days. Presented by the fine folk across the pond at Mantic, also known for their several KS campaigns including Kings of War, Deadzone, Loka, and Mars Attacks, this is a futuristic sports game set in the same continuity as their Project Pandora board game. Think of the old American Gladiators game of Powerball, just with two teams of heavily-armoured combatants slinging around a 200mph ball of weapons-grade titanium.

Given the above, how could they make this even more Xtreme? Well, take out the ref and the rules, for one. While Dreadball is the nice, safe, regulated, billion-credit-a-year league, Dreadball Xtreme is what gets played in the back alleys of the planets that the league commissioner won’t touch with an 11-foot pole.

Launched earlier this week with a $100,000 goal… the project was completely funded in the first 30 minutes after going live. Currently sitting at 333% of that goal, Mantic is offering a number of free extras to their backers as additional stretch goals are broken.

Guild Ball

by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam

Are you guys tired yet? I hope not, because here comes yet another entry in the line of sports warfare! Deceptively entitled a medieval ‘football’ game, this project hopes to fund four metal and resin-cast teams of players that are tradesmen by day, and vicious, sword-wielding soccer-hooligans on other days. Presented by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam, Guild Ball promises to be a skirmish-level wargame with all of the trappings of a medieval soccer match, pig bladders and all!

Currently funded at 50% over their listed goal of £30,000, this project seems to have its fans already.

Character Meeples

by Meeple Source

Meeples, meeples, and more meeples! Currently featuring more than eighty different full-colour designs, Meeple Source has also partnered up with Tiny Epic Kingdoms to provide compatible meeple figures for that game, as well. One of these days, I’ll get around to upgrading a set of Carcassonne meeples, and it’ll either be with these guys, or the Gamelyn series of fantasy bits.

COUNTERBLAST – Miniatures Game

by Airlock Games

Produced by those who brought us the original Bombshell Babes, Counterblast is a pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for miniatures. Set in an alternate Earth where the future met up with the past and had a few too many drinks over lunch, humans have joined forces with several other alien species to protect freedom throughout the Milky Way.

Currently funded above their initial needs, the project is set to unlock additional figures and accessories as further stretch goals are reached.

George R. R. Martin’s Masterworks

by Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures, a well-known provider of little pewter people, bring us this project to sculpt and produce a line of miniatures following George R. R. Martin’s works. While nice, getting in on this promises to be pricey, with the lowest non-early-bird bid clocking in at $180 for 11 miniatures. Admittedly, stretch goals have unlocked an additional number of figures to be included in the base pledge, but it’s still going to cost you.

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