Kickstarter Spotlight | July 10th


Welcome to this weeks’ potato-free edition of the Kickstarter Spotlight!


by Dennis Hoyle

Brought to us by Bellwether Games, Antidote is a deduction-based card game for 2-6 players. During each player’s turn, they must assume control of the research team and decide on the course of action – is research freely shared, or must potentially-valuable serums be discarded, bringing the end of the game closer?

Something went terribly wrong at the lab! Now, a deadly toxin has infected your entire team and the room has been locked-down to keep the toxin from getting out. Can you figure out the Antidote before you succumb to the poison?

Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds

by Luke Crane

Originally seen in the pages of the Mouse Guard comic series, Swords & Strongholds has been brought to the real world by Luke Crane, of Burning Wheel and the Mouse Guard RPG fame. Two players face off, using their Sword, Stronghold, and Diplomacy cards to control their four mouse pawns on the gridded board. The full rules for the game have not yet been posted, but they hope to make them available soon.

A two-player board game from the Mouse Guard comics – for guardmice, patrons of the June Alley Inn and their fans.

Battle for Hill 218 and Sector 219

by Chas Ellis

It’s a reprint of the original Battle of Hill 218 along with a re-theme of the game with new, sci-fi style artwork. If you don’t already know what the game is, or how it plays, then good luck finding out from the Kickstarter project page.

Several years ago, Darwin Kastle showed me a game he’d made by writing on the backs of Magic cards with a big Sharpie. The cards were just named things like “Tank” and “Special Forces” but Darwin was my buddy and he said it would only take ten minutes, so I agreed to play.

Shadows Over Normandie

by Devil Pig Games

When Heroes of Normandie & Achtung! Cthulhu met in a dark alleyway one rainy day, Shadows Over Normandie is the result! Originally a stretch goal from the first HoN project, Devil Pig Games wanted to expand upon the initial design before release, and are using this project to raise funds and allow prior backers a chance to add on the new goodies to what they’ve already pledged to receive.

A few weeks after D-Day, a US Ranger Company, lost in Normandie, has to confront the terrifying power of the Nazis cult of the Black Sun. allied with an ancient Deep Ones tribe, they’re preparing a dark ceremony to summon the great Cthulhu.


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