Kickstarter Spotlight | July 3rd


Fireworks and a grill full of meat may be on the horizon for some of us this weekend, but I plan on gorging myself with games! Check out the latest to hit Kickstarter’s shores, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything else that has caught your eye recently.

New Dawn

by Artipia Games

From the makers of Among The Stars, Artipia Games brings us New Dawn, a thematic sequel in the same universe. Featuring a shared game-board, players will be exploring facilities left behind from before the great war, reconstructing and refurbishing the sites for use. Be wary, for who knows what may be unearthed among these forgotten relics, and fresh conflict may erupt over valuable findings.

Like all of Artipia’s recent projects, they’re offering a number of addons and access to their back catalog; so if you’ve missed something, now is as good a time as any to pick it up!

As time passes by, allies become enemies once more and unless the Alliance maintains control, war seems inevitable. All everyone can hope for is a new beginning… a New Dawn.

Zombicide: Season 3

by CoolMiniOrNot

It’s that time again, and as usual, another horde of zombies are in the works from CoolMiniOrNot. Season 3 of this exceptionally popular line brings us new survivors, weapons, zombies, and mechanics including rules for PvP combat!

Containing two boxed sets, the Rue Morgue is S3’s stand-alone edition, set in an abandoned hospital, while Angry Neighbors requires at least one other Zombicide stand-alone product to play with.

Players control teams of survivors as they fight off a zombie horde controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies they attract!

Spells of Doom

by Drawlab Entertainment

Recently cancelled and then relaunched with a much smaller goal, Spells of Doom is a hex-based wargame / duel of mages, in which players will summon creatures and cast spells in order to control the various shrines and defensive towers that litter the map.

Become a hero and take the fate of the realm in your hands in a fight full of magic in this new boardgame!

Steam Wars

by Antarctic Press

Steampunk meets Star Wars, as drawn by Fred Perry of Gold Digger fame!

In a time not so long ago, in a galaxy relatively close by, an epic struggle began on a world seized in the grip of an evil Victorian empire. Only a ragged alliance of rebels oppose the emperor and his black guard, but hope is fading. While fleeing from the steam-driven war machines of her imperial pursuers, Duchess Imoen stumbles across the home of the last Dragoon; the legendary storm foil warriors of ancient lore!

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