Kickstarter Spotlight | June 20th


Better late than never, right? Right? Origins ate up a lot of the League’s time last week, so enjoy this double helping of Kickstarter projects, and get prepared for some juicy tidbits that came from the convention!


by Sirlin Games

Yomi, a card-fighting game originally released in 2011, is returning through Kickstarter in order to print a revised Second Edition of the original 10 decks and to add an additional 10 expansion characters to the pool. With improved artwork, tightened graphic design, and some rules tweaks for more enjoyable and balanced play, Yomi’s re-release should please any fan of Street-Fighter’esque games.

Keep your eyes peeled for a hands-on preview before the end of the campaign!

Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent’s tendencies.

ESSEN the Game

by Geek Attitude Games

With nine days to go, and having raised 80% of the amount needed, Essen the Game has a good shot at funding but it’s not a sure thing yet. Check out our preview at in the reviews section and see if it’s something you’d enjoy!

With ESSEN The Game, live or relive a crazy day at the Spiel, the famous German Game Fair.

Forge War

by Isaac Childres

This is one of the prototype games that I really wanted to get my hands on at Origins, but the timing just never worked out. A seemingly odd combination, this game requires tactical spatial reasoning on the map-board to gather resources in the mine, while the rest of the game progresses along the lines of a worker-placement style Euro as you complete quests using the weapons forged with those resources.

It is an age of high fantasy and the wild lands are growing restless. Dangerous things lurk in the shadows and the king has called upon all able-bodied men to fight back the ever-deepening darkness.

Through the Ages

by Eagle and Gryphon Games

Perhaps taking a cue from Queen Games, Eagle and Gryphon Games are currently crowdfunding another print run of the current 3rd edition Through The Ages. One could be a cynic and argue that they’re only doing this to shift some of their back-stock (and the listed stretch goals would certainly agree with you!), but the price is certainly reasonable if you’re looking to pick up a copy of this highly sought-after title.

What will your civilization be like? Will it be warlike? Technologically advanced? Religious? Artistic? Choose from Leaders such as Hammurabi, Napoleon, and Gandhi. Build the Pyramids, the Great Wall, or the Eiffel Tower. Your Civilization’s culture is yours to shape.

Penny Press

by Asmadi Games

Winner of the Tabletop Deathmatch at Gencon 2013, Penny Press was already due to receive a 1st printing and a booth at Gencon 2014, but appears to be running a Kickstarter campaign to rack up some extra funding and publicity. A hybrid between worker-placement and area control, the game has you racing to cover the five story ‘beats’, as only by controlling a majority of the reporters on a particular story can you add it to your front page for publishing!

Be a newspaper baron in the yellow journalism era of old New York City. Cover the top stories, and go to press when the time is right!

Athlas: Duel for Divinity

by Golden Egg Games

After the absolute buggering of Fallen City of Karez, I told myself that I’d never back another project by Golden Egg Games, but Athlas: Duel for Divinity is certainly tempting. Perhaps by acting as only the publisher, in this case, GEG may manage to put out a well-produced and comprehensible game.

As an aspiring god you can design and create your own unique units by enhancing basic Genus cards with powerful abilities, artifacts and spells. You also get to choose divine interventions that might ultimately affect the outcome of the duel. Then you will summon your creations onto the battlefield and attempt to assemble two of three ancient relics in order to open the portal and win the game.
The game’s limitless design system enables players to form any strategy they wish against their opponent’s creations.


by FyrxGames

In 3400 AD, mankind has colonized the Pleiad star cluster where mighty corporations vie for control and influence. Each player equips fleets with escort ships and upgrades, and uses them to control star systems for VPs. Diplomatic leverage, cunning, and brute force will determine the victor.

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