Kickstarter Spotlight | June 26th


Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right in folks! It’s the last Kickstarter Spotlight of June, and seats are filling up fast! Marvel at the wooden simplicity of Railroads and check out the next chapter in the tiny epic saga.

Dungeon Lords: Anniversary Edition

by Czech Games Edition

Ready your pack mules, because CGE is putting out another of their XXL-Sized Anniversary Editions, this time for Dungeon Lords! Including the Festival Season expansion, as well as another mini-expansion and a collection of upgraded components, it should be enough to sate any Dungeon Lord’s need for treasure.

The adventurers meet in a tavern. They set out for adventure. They go underground to fight Evil. You are that Evil. You are the Dungeon Lord.

Treasure Chest: Realistic Resource Tokens

by Jamey Stegmaier

Speaking of treasure, Jamey Stegmaier is set to bring us a collection of just that! Featuring premium bits, similar to what the Kickstarter edition of Euphoria shipped with, this chest contains a collection of ‘realistic’ resin and metal tokens to spruce up any game that uses these resources. Featuring a mix of refined (clay bricks, gold bars, polished gems) and raw (wood, ore, stone) materials, there’s an entire horde of games that can benefit from this upgrade. I’m a particular fan of the wood and ore bits, but wish the stone was either a block or something boulder’esque instead of a polished river rock.

Originally containing 120 pieces, this chest will only get heavier as more backers join in; for every 100 supporters, Jamey is adding one more token to the pile, rounded up to equal numbers of each resource at the end of the campaign.

We love how realistic resource tokens add to any tabletop game experience, and we want to share that with fellow gamers around the world. We’ve already created the sculpts for these tokens–now we just need your help to make them a reality!

Maximum XCRAWL – Pathfinder Edition

by Goodman Games

Previously published for the D&D 3.5 system, Goodman Games is now bringing the excitement of this reality game show to the Pathfinder ruleset! Mix Smash TV in with a bit of Dungeon Hack or your favorite dungeon delve and a live studio audience, and you get Maximum X-CRAWL!

Fabulous prizes! Cars, wealth, and a year’s supply of furniture wax! All of these – and much, much more – can be yours… if you survive. Of course, you are going to have to kill the monsters to get the treasure, and you aren’t the crowd favorite today. The cameras are very unforgiving, and there are no second takes, and if you die… YOU DIE!

Tiny Epic Defenders

by Gamelyn Games

Designed by Scott Almes, creator of Tiny Epic Kingdoms (surprise!) comes a 1-4 player co-op microgame in which you strive to defend your tiny kingdom from a not-so-tiny horde of tiny monsters. Having already raised the epic amount of $97k, there’s still 21 days left to go in this project.

At last, the world was at peace… but not for long. A great storm is coming and in the darkness of the mist, there be demons.


by Social Hour LLC

Trains, wooden bits, and stock-trading, I might just be a little bit in love. Similar to Steam Barons, you do not ‘own’ any one train but instead have the ability to invest into one or more competing companies. Instead of delivering limited goods from city to city, however, you are working to connect cities with various demands to other hexes on the map that will satisfy these needs. Once connected, all stock-holding players in that company get a payout varying on how much stock they control.

All of the rules are available there on the project page, so stop by and take a look!

Railroads was designed to be a table talk game. Having more stocks in a company will help you get more Net Worth when the company makes a connection, but having more players will get you more track. You should be talking people into joining your company (just don’t invite everyone), talking them out of working with other players, convincing them that merging two companies is a good idea. This is the heart of Railroads. That being said, the game generally takes between 90 minutes and two hours for new players to finish.


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