Kickstarter Spotlight – March 4th


Welcome back to another edition of the semi-weekly Kickstarter Spotlight! Today, we find ourselves overrun by titles that have bubbled their way through the Unpub process, and are now getting their day in court.

Between Two Cities

by Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley

Between Two Cities is a light tile-drafting and city-building title with a twist… you must build two separate cities, and you’re partnering with the players beside you to construct that particular city! Despite this cooperative playstyle, there’s still only going to be one winner at the end, and it turns out that only your lowest-scoring city counts!

There is a free print-and-play option available, so get your negotiation face on, and try out Between Two Cities for yourself before pledging!

Design unique and beautiful cities in this partnership-driven, 20-minute, competitive tile-drafting game for 2-7 players.

Aether Magic

by Happy Mitten Games

I had the opportunity to play a round of this at the UnPub table during GenCon last year, and while a few things have changed since then (no more imps attacking you out of the portal, phew!), the base idea still seems interesting enough for a look-see.

(And of course, I’m always one for supporting Jacqui Davis’ artwork!)

Today is the Festival of Aether, and your chance to prove superior magical skills and wit against your peers. Summon raw Aether from the Aether Portal and trade shrewdly with the other mages to collect a variety of Runes and Magical Elements. Use your collection to cast the best combination of Spells before the Portal closes and claim the title of Baller Mage!

Brewin’ USA

by Adam Rehberg

Just as we’ve seen an explosion in independent and craft brewing lately, so too has a number of beer-and-brewing themed games entered the limelight. From the Agricola’esque Brew Crafters, to.. well.. I had something else in mind, but it’s lost now. That was such a promising start, too.

Anyway! Brewin’ USA has you collecting ingredients (your four standards of grain, water, yeast, and hops, along with some special flavors such as pumpkin, berries, or coffee that can each add a kickin’ special ability to a brewed beer) at auction, and then use those brews to satisfy market demand in various regions of the US, looking for area control through majorities.

You wanna’ know what caught my eye, though? Bottlecaps. They’re used for the currency at the auction, which then translates into demand on the various regions. It’s just nifty!

As Ale Entrepreneurs, you jump head first into the Craft Beer “Liquid Gold Rush” chasing the American dream of starting your own Craft Brewery. With a few Craft Beer recipes in hand, you dream of one day becoming the greatest brewery in the nation. To fulfill your dream, you will need to master the art of brewing while under fierce competition for Key Resources, Craft Beer Market Demand, and Regional Reputation.

Bottom of the 9th

by Dice Hate Me Games

Fresh off of an unexpected rain delay, the stars of Bottom of the 9th have finally taken the field, and are well on their way to hitting the funding goals for this project.

We’ve had access to a preview copy of the game, so feel free to read Steebin’s account of his heartbreaking ‘loss’ to one of our other league members here: Gaming at Unpub 5

Bottom of the 9th is a quick dice and card game for 1 or 2 players that encapsulates the thrills and spills of baseball’s final inning into a head-to-head competition between an ace pitcher and a star-studded line-up of heavy hitting batters. A game of Bottom of the 9th can easily be played in 5 to 15 minutes.

Bottom of the 9th will feature 20 player cards with beautiful custom art from artist Adam McIver that capture the look of classic baseball trading cards. These cards will even feel like classic trading cards since they will be printed on 1mm punchboard, just like vintage cards.

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