Kickstarter Spotlight | May 15th


Now coming to you every Thursday of the week (on the off chance that we may get multiple Thursdays. It could happen!), a fresh selection of Kickstarter projects and news. Check it out below!

More Castles

by Fun to 11

Luke Peterschmidt, of the publisher Fun to 11, is back on Kickstarter with an expansion to last years’ Castle Dice! The aptly-named ‘More Castles‘ provides four new castle decks for your building pleasure; each player receiving a unique deck that is themed towards a different style of play.

Castle Dice is the hit Euro-Style Big-Box game about building castles. The game uses lots of dice, but don’t let that fool you! Castle Dice has a unique set of clever mechanics that stop it from being a game where you roll well you win, you roll poorly you lose. Castle Dice features light worker placement and a unique dice drafting system to keep the action fast and fun.

The Lord of the Ice Garden

by Krzysztof Wolicki

Having already raised enough cash for a Polish version of this game through a local crowd-funding site, Krzysztof Wolicki brings us a project for a wider release of this unique game. Players take on the roles of scientists from Earth who have traveled to the world of Midgaard, gaining the ability to control magic as a result. Unfortunately, this power has gone to their heads, corrupting and empowering the mortals to near-god status and imbuing them with a lust to make this world ‘better’.

From the first turn players are tossed in the middle of war. They will feel the adrenaline, fear, pain and the heat of a battle. They will smell blood and sweat, hear the clash of arms, and moaning of wounded and dying.

At $90, the price-point seems a bit steep, and lets hope the translation of the rules obtains a better fluidity then the project description implies.

DS’tone Art – Space Game Mats

by Duane Bruun & Tim Stone

LoNG_KS_Badge_01The DS’tone pair, (Duane Bruun & Tim Stone) are back to peddle a fresh line of their deep-space themed playmats! Made of a durable vinyl, and available in 3×3, 3×6, and 4×6(ft) sizes, they’re perfect for your Attack Wing, X-Wing, or other space miniatures game. At $30 for the first 3×3 mat, and approximately $25 for additional ones, these are a fine value compared to other well-known brands.

I Say, Holmes

by Victory Point Games

Victory Point Games has decided to redesign their 2007 game, I Say, Holmes!, with this Second Edition featuring completely new art for all 125 of the cards in the game, as well as custom, laser-cut counters. Supporting 3-8 players, your objective is to collar some of the most notorious villains of Victorian-era London with a wide array of clues, locations, and companions at your side. Having already reached their first stretch goal, every copy of I Say, Holmes! pledged through Kickstarter will include the first 25 card expansion pack, which will otherwise be sold through standard channels at a later date.


by John Wick

Stormbringer, Mournblade, Need, Khazid’hea… the One Ring. All of these are weapons of power, an undeniable intelligence; and every one of them needs a wielder.

You are an ancient and powerful magical artifact…
… and those who wield you believe themselves heroes…
… but they are nothing more than disposable pawns.

An RPG from the creators of Wicked Fantasy, Wield has you take on the role of a ‘vatcha’ or “willful weapon”. You are ancient and immortal, and though your plots may take centuries to accomplish, you carry them out one wielder at a time…

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