Kickstarter Spotlight | May 29th


Ladies and Gentleman, kids of all ages, welcome again to another weekly edition of the Kickstarter Spotlight! Today, we illuminate four freshly planted projects, each striving to grow and blossom into something wonderful.

Waggle Dance

by Henry Jasper

Waggle Dance
a series of patterned movements performed by a scouting bee, communicating to other bees of the colony the direction and distance of a food source or hive site.

It’s also the name of a new worker(-bee) placement game from Grublin Games! A strategic game for 2-4 players, you must strive to develop your hive through several day / night cycles, collecting pollen and growing the colony’s population with the end goal of producing honey!

As interesting as that sounds, (and I do love me some Myrmes!) I have to mention that in the interests of removing card text and making the action cards easy to visually read, they’ve stripped every iota of theme from the artwork. The action cards explicitly visualize what they do, which is good, but they do so in terms of cubes and arrows and dice, making it generic and bland.

If you can look past that, then it seems this may be a worthwhile game to try!


by Don’t Panic Games

Drakerys, The Miniature Game is a new, scenario-driven skirmish level wargame, featuring a fresh line of 32mm figures. Two pre-assembled armies of Orcs and Humans are available in the starter set, while the Dwarves and Elves are waiting in the wings for additional funding.

One of the key elements of this game is the Time Path system, which tracks player order throughout the game. Every move that you take will cost Action Points, moving you ahead on the track, while the active turn then passes to the player farthest back on the track. You may take a powerful, time-costly action, allowing your opponents to counter with multiple quick actions in the meantime.

The old world is about to crumble. It’s a time of heroes. Will you be the king of tomorrow? Find out with Drakerys!

Galaxy Defenders – The Earth Strikes Back

by Ares Games

Adding to last years’ successfully Kickstarted game, Galaxy Defenders, Ares Games are offering two! boxed expansions in their latest project. Both Operation: Strikeback and Extinction Protocol allow you to take the fight to the stars, having rebuffed the initial invasion of Earth.

In Galaxy Defenders up to five players fight together – each taking control of one or more agents with unique powers – to defend the planet from an alien invasion. The Aliens are controlled by a sophisticated, card-driven artificial intelligence system. The battle against the aliens develops in a series of missions, organized in a story-driven campaign.

Gods’ Gambit

by Analog Games

LoNG_KS_Badge_01What’s this, a new game from designer Seiji Kanai? Sign me up!

Gods’ Gambit is a card game for 2 to 6 players, representing fallen Gods who must solve problems in the world, completing quests and performing good acts in order to be allowed to return to the High Heavens.

In the course of this competition, many Gods will stray from the path of righteousness. Healing the lands will not suffice to outperform the others. Those who succumb to their darker nature will call upon apocalypses and favors from Fallen beings to sabotage the other Gods. To them, the only goal even worth considering is to return to the High Heavens, doing so by any means necessary.

Who will be the victor of this horrible story? Which God will finally be able to return to the heavens?


SENIOR EDITOR : Refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures, reluctant painter. My tastes run towards the strategic side of the fence, with city / civilization / empire builders at the focus. I've moved away from direct-conflict games these days, unless they're two-player or one versus many, so one can properly admire the beatdown put upon the opposing side. Yes, I've been known to wear hats with fuzzy ears on them.

  • Fiddleback

    Hi guys. Thanks for the round up of KS projects.
    Re: Waggle Dance. Seems like there should be more bees. Regardless of the actual quality of the game, they’re selling it as bee-based boardgaming. It wants little plastic bees at a minimum, not just some dice pretending to be bees. Takes the sting out of it for me.
    Re:Drakerys. Nice backstory, but it makes the classic mistake of many Kickstarter intro videos. You’ve got two or three minutes to sell me on the project and what I really want to see is that you have more in the works than just some mockups and an interesting story. Show me some gameplay. Tell me why it is unique. Convince me to back it. This video just makes it seem like you’ve got a novel you just happened to make a game around.
    Re: Galaxy Defenders gets it just about right. I know what’s going on, why the project exists and what it has to offer that makes it interesting and worth backing. It’s an expansion so I should know the gamplay from the base game, this tells me what’s added and how it is different.
    Re: God’s Gambit. Did Seiji just reskin UNO with some additional special abilities? Still, the man has a track record, it could be worth looking into.
    Anyway, thanks again for your roundup. Very interesting stuff.

    • This may seem strange, given the number of Kickstarter projects that I’ve backed or explored, but I’ve *never* watched one of the videos. If the creator is unable to properly explain their project or provide a gripping reason to back through the text, then it just doesn’t work for me.

      • Fiddleback

        Oh, there should definitely be a good written explanation. Many otherwise promising projects have killed themselves by the muddle created by the rest of the details. But that video sits right at the top and is the only thing most potential backers are going to see. It needs to hit all the high points to get folks to read the rest. Kind of like the attractor screens on arcade games.