New Game Releases | April 18th – April 25th


This week in To The Tabletop, feast your eyes on a veritable smorgasbord of card and tile-based games, with a few dice thrown in for variety.

Rogue Agent

by Stronghold Games

Rogue Agent is a tense cyberpunk adventure game, pitching players against underground networks. The game features detailed plastic miniatures, a large variety of unique criminals to defeat, special icon-driven custom dice, and two different game play modes.

If this sounds like something that will interest you, well, hurry and snatch up this Limited Edition version of the game, featuring an additional 10 criminal cards that won’t be offered again.

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Warmachine High Command: Heroes and Legends Expansion Pack

by Privateer Press

A fresh new expansion for the WARMACHINE High Command deckbuilder, Heroes and Legends offers 84 new cards split between the four factions, promising to bring new strategies to your Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, or Protectorate of Menoth decks.
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CapCom Street Fighter Deckbuilding Game

by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Joining the ever-growing lineup of deckbuilding games, Cryptozoic brings us one based on the Capcom Street Fighter universe, allowing players to play as fourteen unique characters, each with their own style and special power. Billed as the first entry in the Heroes line of Cerberus Engine games, this should mean that it will be compatible with any further entries in this line. Unfortunately, this applies only to the Heroes series, meaning we’ll never get the M. Bison x Bilbo Baggins matchup that everyone wanted to see.
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Adventure Time Card Wars: For the Glory! Booster Packs

by Cryptozoic Entertainment

The first expansion for the Adventure Time Card Wars experience, For the Glory! provides over 100 new cards to floop your opponents with. I’m not going to even pretend that I understand anything about this game, so click the link below for the info straight from the horses’ mouth.
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Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men

by Wiz Kids Games

This weeks’ absolute hype-fest is Wizkids’s new collectable dice game, Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men. Often described as a hybrid of Quarriors and Magic: The Gathering, Dice Masters is a quick-playing team-building game that’s designed for both casual and organized / tournament-level play! By the time you’re reading this, the starter sets on your FLGS’ shelves are likely to already be a fond memory, but Wizkids have preemptively announced two reprints for the base set, coming soon.
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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG – Beginner Game

by Fantasy Flight Games

Interested in the latest Star Wars role playing experience, but not sure where to start? Fear not, young padawan, for FFG has just released the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginners Game, showcasing a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure that is playable right out of the box. Pre-generated characters keep the initial setup time light, while a narrative gameplay system advances the story with every roll of the dice!
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Voluspa – Order of the Gods Expansion

by Stronghold Games

In the oldest poem of Norse Mythology, the Völuspá tells the story of the endless struggle of powerful gods, dangerous creatures, and forgotten races.

In this expansion for the base game, four powerful new tiles are added to the mix:

  • The Goddess Freya
  • The Resourceful Dwarf
  • The Monstrous Niohoggr
  • And the Swift Flying Raven

Four recommended setups are included, or you can mix and match tiles as you like between Völuspá, Order of the Gods, or the Saga of Edda.

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Völuspá: Order of the Gods

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