New Game Releases | April 4th – April 11th

April 10, 2014


Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Shadow of Nerekhall

by Fantasy Flight Games

The struggle against evil (and for treasure!) continues, as FFG releases their newest expansion for Descent (Second Edition). With new hero classes, monster groups, and an entirely new level of evil at the Overlord’s disposal, Shadow of Nerekhall is sure to breathe new life (or un-life…because there are zombies…) into your campaign.

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The Doom That Came to Atlantic City

by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Last year, everyone’s Kickstarter fears came true, as The Doom That Came To Atlantic City ran into problems and was looking like it may not make it out to backers. Enter Cryptozoic Entertainment. In one of the classiest moves of 2013, CE jumped in and agreed to publish the game, promising to put Kickstarter backers as a top priority. Well, those who put up their cash to fund the project have been smashing cities, Squiggly-Monster-Style, for weeks and now it’s your turn. In this anti-opoly, players will be moving around the board trying to demolish as much property as possible, each in their own special (tentacle-y) way.

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Seasons: Path of Destiny

by Asmodee

Fans of 3-year-long wizard competitions can get back to it, as Asmodee has released a host of new powers and enchantments for their hit game, Seasons. This expansion also adds in a few new twists and turns for budding sorcerers, which, when used correctly, are sure to impress the judges.

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Hive – Pillbug Expansion

by Team Components

Team Components is at it again, digging up new critters for you to play with. New for Hive is the Pillbug Expansion. This mini-expansion provides each player with the pillbug, a slow-moving bug with a cool new ability. Sure, the pillbug only moves one space at a time, like the Queen Bee, but it can also pull other bugs away – giving you a little more control.

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Fairy Tale

by Z-Man Games

A new one from Z-Man, Fairy Tale, is a card-drafting/set-collection/tableau-building game about…fantasy stuff. There is a darkness spreading across the land and it is your job to assemble your forces while anticipating the moves of your opponents. This looks to be a lighter game with an emphasis on entry-level drafting and quick gameplay. Nad picked it up this past weekend and I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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Thunderstone Advance: Worlds Collide

by AEG

Love deck-building? Like fantasy and dungeon crawls? Now’s your chance to get into AEG’s hit deck-builder with Thunderstone Advance: Worlds Collide. Featuring over 500 cards from the first six Thunderstone games, this “master set” (as I’ll call it) should provide you and your fellow adventures a wealth of gameplay.

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