Ep. 79 – Nonsensical Secret Santa 2017

Dec 21, 2017No Comments5078 Views

The Winter holidays are here and we just so happen to work with the strangest cast of characters. Help us pick games for them!

Nonsensical Secret Santa is Coming for You.

Dec 13, 2017No Comments4764 Views

You better watch out.

Ep. 78 – Pulling Plugs at the Penny Arcade

Dec 07, 2017No Comments4886 Views

We're back from PAX! Let's talk about our last convention of 2017.

Ep. 77 – Double Nugget Bowie

Dec 05, 2017No Comments4289 Views

Back at it again. This blast from the past (pre-PAX Unplugged) is full of what we do best - chat about why games are terrible.

Hi there, friends! (PONG Update 2017)

Dec 05, 2017No Comments4076 Views

Hi, all. We're still here. I promise.

Ep. 76 – The Post Essen Pre-Show 2017

Oct 31, 2017No Comments4655 Views

It's here! As we await the deluge of Essen games to cross the pond, we cover all of the things we're excited to try out.

Ep. 75 – TAKE 7: Gor-Dan Ramsey’s Tight Pants

Sep 24, 2017No Comments4544 Views

Welcome back! Episode 75 is here and it's about what you'd expect by now - a mash-up of gaming talk, awkward humor, and utter disagreement.

Ep. 74 – Peace-Keeping Hamburger Jokes

Sep 19, 2017No Comments4544 Views

Hello, again! We're back with the 74th installment of this thing we call a podcast. Somewhere, nestled between a few classic hamburger jokes, is a

Ep. 73 – Perfect Partial Obscurity

Sep 05, 2017No Comments4401 Views

Dan and Tiff went, saw, and conquered Gen Con 50. Let's jump in and hear what happened!

Ep. 72 – Gloomy Rectangles & Gen Con ’17

Aug 11, 2017No Comments4058 Views

Episode 71? Never heard of it. Enjoy this Gen Con preview instead!