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3-Month Update: The #10x10in2014 Challenge!

Jul 08, 2014Comments off2480 Views

Kelly B! and I continue our struggle for household supremacy through a grueling 100 Game Showdown! See how we're doing.

Steebin and Mazzy 10×10: First 5

May 15, 2014No Comments3106 Views

Stealing the idea from Buns and Kelly B!, I proposed that my wife Alicia (Mazzy) and myself (Steebin) take a crack at the Tabletop Challenge:

The #10x10in2014 Challenge!

Mar 20, 2014No Comments1938 Views

Buns talks about his recent discovery of the 10x10in2014 Challenge and details the list that he and Kelly B! will be attempting to tackle.