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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/PODCAST CO-HOST : Allow myself, to introduce myself. Boardgaming since the womb, I have an unsound infatuation with buying, playing, discussing, photographing, and writing about boardgames. As a boardgame aesthetics enthusiast (say that 5 times fast) you'll typically find that I spend a large majority of the game examining the design, art, and components. I prefer strategic eurogames but will play just about anything these days (except Arkham Horror). And I love Pearl Jam.

Eggs & Empires | Preview

Apr 14, 2014No Comments6151 Views

Eggs and Empires is a frenetic, simultaneous bidding game that is easy to learn and is packed with interesting decisions.

Tabletop Returns to the Ruins of the Mage W...

Apr 10, 2014No Comments2993 Views

Tabletop Season 3 is a go, Portal Ruins the 51st State, Z-Man gives a heads up that Vikings are coming, Mage Wars gets hotter, the

Mage Wars down by the Panamax Harbour

Mar 15, 2014No Comments2417 Views

Mage Wars Rolls a Crit, TMG turns 5 and offers US gifts, Stronghold takes a trip through the canal, Power Grid gets fancy and Patchistory

Age of War, TEK Meeples & More…

Mar 05, 2014No Comments6324 Views

Netrunner draft packs run into stores, Gamelyn looks to capitalize on their big Tiny success, Soda Pop has a new Super Dungeon to explore, Sochi

Tantive IV, Tokaido CE, Clash of Cultures, ...

Feb 25, 2014No Comments4971 Views

Check out the extremely large Tantive IV, Tokaido somehow gets prettier, Clash of Cultures finds its elephants, Trains gets some new stations and more...

Blueprints | Review

Feb 22, 2014No Comments565791 Views

A creative spin on dice games, Blueprints will have you drafting and assembling your dice into a miniature structure. Compete with up to 3 other

Ticket to Ride, Space Cadets Galore, Arcadi...

Feb 17, 2014No Comments7438 Views

Check out the new and exciting things coming for Ticket to Ride, Space Cadets, Cool Mini or Not and Eldritch Horror.

Nad’s Intriguing 14 in ’14

Feb 03, 20141 Comment2336 Views

The last 2 years have been extremely strong for the hobby board game world.  2014 has a lot to live up to but, judging by

Jaipur | Review

Jan 29, 20141 Comment10508 Views

Showcase your wares and your epic beards as you compete for the honor of being the exclusive trader for the Maharaja in this two-player, set