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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/PODCAST CO-HOST : Allow myself, to introduce myself. Boardgaming since the womb, I have an unsound infatuation with buying, playing, discussing, photographing, and writing about boardgames. As a boardgame aesthetics enthusiast (say that 5 times fast) you'll typically find that I spend a large majority of the game examining the design, art, and components. I prefer strategic eurogames but will play just about anything these days (except Arkham Horror). And I love Pearl Jam.


Brown Coats Recruit Rodney for V-Wars

Jul 29, 2014No Comments2072 Views

IDW brings us Diamonsters and V-Wars; Gale Force 9 is bringing a lot of TV to our tables; Upper Deck heads to space; Watch It


Awards Season brings about a Time Traveling...

Jul 17, 2014No Comments3000 Views

The Germans and Dice Tower announce their awards, Donald X. attempts time travel in Temporum, 8th Summit summons the Coven, Dungeon Fighter gets two elemental


Indie Game Alliance | Q & A

Jun 09, 2014No Comments8072 Views

Matt Holden, Executive Director of the Indie Game Alliance, chats about the newly-formed collective of independent game studios that aim to venture on a challenging


ESSEN The Game | Preview

Jun 09, 2014No Comments4451 Views

Essen The Game is a light weight pick-up and deliver game taking 2-4 players on a journey through the world's largest board game convention. Make


King of New York has Cosmic Encounter with ...

Jun 04, 2014No Comments4133 Views

Time to crown the King of New York, D&D Dice Masters, Cosmic Dominion, and Bestial Forces are on tap for FFG, while Gloom gets gloomier


Camels Race to the AquaSphere Port

May 29, 2014Comments off1971 Views

Some unknown German awards are afoot, camels race to America, Village builds a port, Feld takes us underwater to his AquaSphere, we discover new races


Stratagem | Preview

May 21, 2014No Comments24192 Views

Stratagem is a light, abstract strategy game in which 2-6 players are vying for control of the board hexes in order to score points and


X-Men on Colt Express to Japan

May 15, 2014No Comments3081 Views

Marvel Dice Masters will take your money all year long, Antoine Bauza loves Japan, Alliances are formed in Summoner Wars, robbing trains never gets, old


Tiny Epic Robin Hood Settles Score with Dic...

May 07, 2014No Comments2601 Views

Tiny Epicness is back, Mage Wars introduces modular arenas, Robin Hood is now the Sheriff, Imperial Settlers make their way to America and Superhero dice


Villains’ Legacy Lost in the North Wi...

Apr 23, 2014No Comments2511 Views

AEG's Legacy grows, Z-Man sails a new game over from Europe, Mayfair puts you in the villains' shoes, FFG revises their Dungeon, everyone's favorite French