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SENIOR EDITOR : Refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures, reluctant painter. My tastes run towards the strategic side of the fence, with city / civilization / empire builders at the focus. I've moved away from direct-conflict games these days, unless they're two-player or one versus many, so one can properly admire the beatdown put upon the opposing side. Yes, I've been known to wear hats with fuzzy ears on them.

Kickstarter Spotlight – January 30th

Jan 30, 2015No Comments2271 Views

Conan returns in, well, Conan, while stage magicians battle to the applause in Trickerion. Gamelyn brings the universe closer in Tiny Epic Galaxies, and others

Smee’s Top Five of 2014

Jan 09, 2015No Comments4909 Views

"Hear ye, hear ye!" they spake, announcing to all who bothered to listen: "Smee's favorite games of 2014 are here!"

Kickstarter Spotlight | December 12th

Dec 12, 2014No Comments2106 Views

The much-beloved FreeSpace universe returns in a tactical miniatures game, while the Sentinels super-heroes are back to throw a party! Check out the evils of

Kickstarter Spotlight | November 7th

Nov 07, 2014No Comments2258 Views

We shine our spotlight on the deepest corners of the crowd-funding universe, so you don't have to!

Kickstarter Spotlight | Oct. 31st

Oct 31, 2014No Comments2060 Views

This week's Halloween spotlight, including all the news fit to print, features a crazy race across the Alps, a game of flipping interstellar real estate,

Kickstarter Spotlight | Oct. 10th

Oct 10, 2014No Comments2516 Views

By Crom, the Age of Conan is upon us once more! Answer for me the Riddle of Steel, and I shall show you all the

Kickstarter Spotlight | October 3rd

Oct 03, 2014No Comments2274 Views

This week, see if you can deduce the latest offering from Crash Games, and try to avoid the loss of sanity induced by the horrors

Kickstarter Spotlight | Sept. 19th

Sep 22, 2014No Comments2321 Views

This week, lets drink some Hooch and watch Carnevale and Prohibition Vye against one another in Feng Shui 2, the latest summer kung-fu action blockbuster!

Killer Croquet | Preview

Sep 16, 2014No Comments3869 Views

Forced to fight in the deadly arena of Killer Croquet, you must either complete the course, forward and back, or rack up your score through

Kickstarter Spotlight | Sept. 12th

Sep 16, 2014No Comments2524 Views

This week we throw a celebration for the 13th Age of Glorantha's Dragon Pass, while Queen Games returns once again with a few too many