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SENIOR EDITOR : Refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures, reluctant painter. My tastes run towards the strategic side of the fence, with city / civilization / empire builders at the focus. I've moved away from direct-conflict games these days, unless they're two-player or one versus many, so one can properly admire the beatdown put upon the opposing side. Yes, I've been known to wear hats with fuzzy ears on them.

Kickstarter Spotlight | June 20th

Jun 20, 2014No Comments2057 Views

Read all about it! Penny Press goes to print, Yomi returns for a second edition, and ESSEN gets plundered in our never-ending quest for the

First Encounters with Evolution

Jun 18, 2014No Comments5609 Views

In which Smee takes a first look at North Star Games' Evolution, and loses by a single point. Twice.

Kickstarter Spotlight | June 5th

Jun 05, 2014No Comments2537 Views

Twilight Struggle goes digital, Vikings are Electric, and Technology Progresses ever onwards. ESSEN makes us see double, the Outlaws stroll into town, and more!

They Call Me Mister Smee – How I Do W...

May 30, 2014No Comments2311 Views

A casual introduction to my gaming style, and eccentric methodology to ratings!

Kickstarter Spotlight | May 29th

May 29, 20143 Comments1958 Views

In this corner, we have fallen gods and bumbling bees, while in the far corner of the ring we find that orcs and humans will

Kickstarter Spotlight | May 23rd

May 22, 2014No Comments2291 Views

Queen Games has us exploring dusty old tombs, while Albion's Legacy shows us that strange women lying in ponds and distributing swords is a valid

Kickstarter Spotlight | May 15th

May 15, 2014No Comments2025 Views

This weekly roundup contains an expansion to Castle Dice, a second edition of I Say, Holmes!, some epic space playmats for your Attack Wing or

Kickstarter Spotlight | May 8th

May 08, 2014No Comments2446 Views

In this edition of the Spotlight, weapon-wielding-wolves try to save the Kingdom of Armello, while Endless Fantasy Tactics evolves into the Miasma War. The Quantum

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 30th

Apr 30, 2014No Comments16626 Views

A slow week unleashes the Dogs of War upon the world, and Crash Games attempts to get the trains running on time in Yardmaster. In

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 16th

Apr 15, 2014No Comments3014 Views

Queen Games attempts to make Escape from their big-box series impossible, while the Miskatonic girls enjoy their holidays, an arcade game gets a makeover, and