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WEB EDITOR/TECH SUPPORT : I enjoy all types of games from fillers to 3 hour euros. I am the least experienced member of the group but I have pretty quickly learned the whose who of the tabletop world. I am always willing to play any game you put in front of me. I enjoy listening to progressive metal music and I am a die hard Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan.

What We Played at Origins 2016 (Part Two)

Jun 22, 20162 Comments2909 Views

So many games played at Origins 2016 that we needed two parts! Here is part two.(6.22.16)

What We Played at Origins 2016 (Part One)

Jun 21, 2016No Comments2935 Views

Origins 2016 has come and gone but we played so many things, here is just part one! (6.21.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (6.15.16)

Jun 15, 2016No Comments2492 Views

We are getting geared up for Origins, here is how we are pre-gaming. (6.15.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (6.06.16)

Jun 06, 2016No Comments2734 Views

We built temples, flung some Shurikens, built gardens and had time to visit a fair. (6.06.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (5.18.16)

May 18, 2016No Comments2922 Views

Some of us went on adventures, made sloppy goods and did battle in the clouds. (5.18.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (5.09.16)

May 09, 2016No Comments2626 Views

Stop playing games for a minute and call your mother! (5.09.16)

Grand Austria Hotel | Review

May 06, 20161 Comment6609 Views

This is your chance to show everyone how your establishment is an exquisite location worthy of the emperor himself.

What We’ve Been Playing (4.27.16)

Apr 27, 2016No Comments2381 Views

Matt and Kelly got hitched! Then we played some games after the wedding! (4.27.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (4.18.16)

Apr 18, 2016No Comments2730 Views

Spring is finally here, see what has sprung to our tabletops (4.18.16)

What We’ve Been Playing: Unpub 6 Edit...

Apr 12, 2016No Comments2536 Views

This weekend was the much anticipated Unpub 6 which has found a good home here in our neck of the woods.