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Matt’s Top 10 of 2016 | LONG List

Jan 12, 2017No Comments4484 Views

Matt's Top 10 of 2016!

Steve’s Top 10 of 2016 | LONG List

Jan 09, 2017No Comments4555 Views

Steve's top 10 of 2016!

Origins 2016 Preview

Jun 14, 2016No Comments3664 Views

The Origins Game Fair is officially upon us and that means spending lots of money.

“Legacy” Games Wish List | LONG List

May 12, 2016No Comments3620 Views

The League is inspired to think of what other games that we love might make fun Legacy campaigns.

Our Favorite Trick-Takers | LONG List

Mar 18, 20165 Comments4274 Views

The League shares with you some of our favorite trick-taking games to play with real people (sorry old Microsoft-created friends).

Games We Can’t Wait to Get From Kickstarter | LONG List

Feb 19, 2016No Comments3699 Views

Here we share with you our most exciting Kickstarter endeavors and let you know what we cannot wait to get from kickstarter!

Sports-Themed Games We Love | LONG List

Jan 29, 2016No Comments4315 Views

With Super Bowl 50 upon us, the League has taken the time to reflect on their favorite sports-themed games for you, dear reader. They may or may not be real sports, but the spirit of

Games We Wanted to Play in 2015 | LONG List

Jan 15, 2016No Comments4060 Views

We played a ton of games in 2015. A whole bunch, really. Even with all of that gaming, though, we just missed some.