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First Take | The Oracle of Delphi

Dec 01, 2016No Comments5558 Views

A “race game” sailing a variably set-up landscape of sea spaces fighting monsters, paying tribute to the Gods, and founding temples in their honor.

First Take | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Nov 16, 2016No Comments4038 Views

This new Living Card Game (LCG) pulls 1-4 investigators into the tried and true Lovecraftian setting of Arkham, fresh on the scent of some new

First Take | Signorie

Sep 26, 2016No Comments3104 Views

Puts you at the head of an Italian family circa a time when people still offered dowries for marriage and had simplistic binary definitions of

First Take | Arkwright

Sep 07, 2016No Comments3764 Views

Arkwright is a title that puts you on the brink of England’s Industrial Revolution and asks you to create a profitable portfolio from four bustling