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Boardcast News is back once again, this time with Dan at the helm! Reprising his role as reporter, Dan covers all of the goings on from the hobby this new year. The show is then rounded out with coverage of a few neat Kickstarters currently available for backing.*


  1. Game Announcements
    1. New monthly release from WizKids
    2. Kingsport Festival Card Game
    3. Reprints
      1. Pillars of the Earth
      2. Torres
      3. Stephensons Rocket
      4. Le Havre
      5. CO2
    4. Expansions Announced
      1. Terraformimng Mars – the first of four expansions scheduled to be released for Terraforming Mars over the next two years.
      2. Clank Sunken Treasure
      3. Captain Sonar Super Mega Expansion – No details on what it adds
      4. Alderac Entertainment Group plans to release Destination Fun Combo Pack, which contains expansions for the three titles in its Destination Fun series: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.
      5.  Quined Games and Capstone Games are teaming up for Haspelknecht: The Ruhr Valley, an expansion that adds two new “challenging” modules and 21 new development tiles to Thomas Spitzer‘s Haspelknecht. This expansion is due out late April or early May 2017.
      6. Libellud will release a second expansion for Mysterium in 2017, with this item consisting of six new characters, six new locations, six new items, and other items yet to be revealed.
    5. Hobby News
      1. Plan B Games
    6. App News
      1. Mysterium
      2. Dominion
      3. Avignon


Kickstarter Spotlight

  1. Buttonshy Wallet Trio
    1. Project by: Jason Tagmire (Buttonshy Games)
    2. Ending on: January 21
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $12/22/30
    5. Quick Pitch: Three separate wallet games, offering bite-sized hand management, area control, and drafting experiences!
  2. Hexroll Dice
    1. Project by: MoonMares
    2. Ending on: February 2
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $16
    5. Quick Pitch: Hexagonal dice
  3. Pinball Showdown
    1. Project by: Shoot Again Games
    2. Ending on: February 9
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $24
    5. Quick Pitch: Be…a pinball.
  4. Pigsmoke
    1. Project by: Chris Longhurst
    2. Ending on: February 4
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $15
    5. Quick Pitch: Roleplay an academic at a magical university

*Please Note: The release of this episode coincides with the end of the Buttonshy Games Kickstarter trio project. We apologize to our listeners and Buttonshy Games for the delay of the announcement. Be sure to look out on for potential opportunities to purchase these titles in the future.


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*News bumper provided by FreeSounds user “Tuben,” who describes the clip as “a short, crappy jingle…”

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