BCN 6.1.2017 – Definitely Probably the News

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  1. Hobby News

    1. Asmodee acquires Rory’s Story Cubes
    2. CMON and IELLO modify their pricing policies
    3. CMON Breaking ties with Ankama
    4. Ares and Galakta join forces
    5. Spiel des Jahres nominees up!
    6. Origins Awards
    7. Spin Master acquires Marbles
  2. Game Announcements

    1. IDW
      1. Wayward
    2. AEG
      1. Cutthroat Kingdoms
    3. Renegade Games
      1. Atlas: Enchanted Lands
    4. Z-Man Games
      1. NMBR 9
      2. Smile
    5. Fireside Games
      1. Kaiju Crush
    6. Cryptozoic
      1. The Arrival
    7. Mayday Games
      1. Macroscope
    8. Brotherwise Games
      1. Unearth
    9. Eggertspiele
      1. Heaven and Ale
    10. Aporta Games
      1. Destination X
  3. App News


Kickstarter Spotlight

    1. Kokoro : Avenue of the Kodama
      1. Project by: Indie Boards and Cards
      2. Ending on: June 10th
      3. Funding level: FUNDED
      4. Cost: $19
      5. Quick Pitch:
        1. Roll and Write with adorable tree spirits

Quick Mentions

  1. Roll Player: Monsters and Minions (June 15th, $39)
  2. Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve (June 22, $17)


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