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Welcome to the past – today!


    1. Hobby News
      1. Thimble to be removed from Monopoly
      2. Warhammer fans respond to PETA
      3. JAMA says games fight dementia!
      4. Leaks and Sneak Peaks from Ny Toy Fair
        1. Pandemic Legacy 2 box art!
        2. Firefly: Brigands and Browncoats
        3. Star Trek Ascendancy Cardassians, Ferengi & Borg
        4. Dice Forge (dice crafting game)
        5. TMNT Showdown (IDW)
        6. Ashes big box expansions
        7. Marvel/Disney Codenames
        8. DC Spyfall
        9. Attack on Titan components
    1. Game Announcements
      1. Brotherwise Games
        1. Unearth (August KS)
      2. Ludonaute
        1. Oh, Captain! (Q2)
      3. Eagle Gryphon Games
        1. Lisboa (June)
      4. Tasty Minstrel
        1. Flip City Wilderness (March)
        2. Amun Re (March)
      5. Stonemaier Games
        1. Charterstone (September)
      6. AEG
        1. Lovecraft Letter
      7. Space Cowboys
        1. TIME Stories Expansions Lumen Fidei (Light of Faith), Estrella Drive, Brothers of the Coast
      8. Feuerland Spiel
        1. Terra Mystica: Gaia Project
      9. Osprey Games
        1. London
    1. App News
      1. Vampire the Masquerade and Mage the Ascension are narrative adventure apps
      2. Duelyst iOS beta sign ups



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