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  1. Hobby News

    1. True Dungeon Coming to Origins!
    2. Tabletop to release their own “Campaign Coins”
  2. Game Announcements

    1. Steve Jackson Games
      1. U.S. license of Port Royal
    2. Lookout Games
      1. Caverna Expansion
    3. Cheapass Games
      1. Rochi
    4. Atlas Games
      1. Witches of the Revolution
    5. Hans im Gluck
      1. Expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo
      2. Middle Ages (tentative title)
    6. Mayfair Games
      1. Glass Road reprint with tweaks
      2. Iron Dragon reprint
      3. Barenpark
    7. Quined Games
      1. Halloween
    8. Days of Wonder
      1. Ticket to Ride: Germany
    9. Eggertspiele
      1. Reworld (Kramer & Kiesling)
    10. Asmadi Games
      1. One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows (Q3)
      2. Mottainai: Wutai Mountain
    11. Leder Games
      1. Deep: Enemy Frontier
    12. Osprey Games
      1. Samurai Gardener
    13. Roxley Games
      1. Two new versions of Brass
        1. Lancashire
        2. Birmingham
    14. AEG
      1. Fantahzee Rogue’s Gallery
    15. Fantasy Flight Games
      1. Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds
  3. App News

    1. Oririm out on Android and iOS
    2. Images of the Burgle Bros app are out in the void
    3. Turning, also from Tim Fowers, on Android (iOS coming)


Kickstarter Spotlight

  1. Rise to Nobility
    1. Project by: Final Frontier Games
    2. Ending on: May 3
    3. Funding level: FUNDED
    4. Cost: $49 (delivers this year)
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Dice-worker placement that Tiff will love and buy.
  2. Petrichor
    1. Project by: Mighty Boards
    2. Ending on: May 9
    3. Funding level: FUNDED
    4. Cost: $45 or $55 with expansion
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Action selection and clouds.

Quick Mentions

  1. Circle the Wagons (Buttonshy Games), ending April 22, $12
  2. Medici Second Printing (Grail Games), ending April 23, ~$36
  3. Rahdo Year Six, ending April 29


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