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  1. “The Buzz” from Gen Con 2016
    1. Codenames Pictures
    2. Scythe
    3. Clank!
    4. Lotus
    5. Cry Havoc
    6. Seafall
    7. Imhotep
    8. Vast: The Crystal Cavern
    9. Mystic Vale
    10. Mansions of Madness (Second Ed.)
  2. App News
    1. Codenames Digital (announced)
    2. Evolution Digital (announced)
    3. Super Dungeon Tactics (October?)
    4. All Creatures Big and Small (released)
    5. Zombicide app don’t know if it’s companion or full game (announced)
    6. Imperial Assault will get an automated Overlord app (like Mansions of Madness and Descent)
  3. Game Announcements
    1. Fantasy Flight Games
      1. New Angeles
      2. Hand of the King
      3. Arkham Horror LCG
      4. Star Wars: Destiny
      5. Rune Wars Miniatures Game
      6. Doom
    2. Rather Dashing Games
      1. Element
      2. This Belongs in a Museum
    3. Asmodee
      1. Citadels Definitive Edition
    4. Hans im Gluck
      1. Carcassone Amazon
      2. First Class – Move the Orient Express
      3. Russian Railroads: American Railroads
    5. Cool Mini or Not
      1. The Others: 7 Sins, Looterz, and The Usual Suspects
    6. Upper Deck
      1. Legendary: Deadpool
    7. Modiphius
      1. Star Trek RPG
    8. Stronghold & Spielworxx
      1. Sola Fide: The Reformation
    9. F2Z
      1. Flick ‘Em Up Dead of Winter
  4. Essen Preview is live!
  5. Eric Lang awarded the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming
    1. The Diana Jones Award is designed to reward any combination of achievement, innovation, and anything that has benefited or advanced the hobby and industry as a whole; or which has had the greatest positive effect on games and gaming; or which, in the opinion of the judging committee, shows or exemplifies gaming at its best.




    1. AKUA
      1. Project by: smallboxgames
      2. Ending on: August 19th
      3. Funding level: FUNDED!
      4. Cost: $10 (domestic shipping included)
    1. Fate of the Elder Gods
      1. Project by: Greater Than Games
      2. Ending on: August 19th
      3. Funding level: FUNDED!
      4. Cost: $59 (domestic shipping included)
    1. Gondola

      1. Project by: Big Kid Games
      2. Ending on: August 31st
      3. Funding level: 71%
      4. Cost: $39 (+$5 shipping)

Quick Mentions

  1. Character Meeples
  2. Exquisite Beasts
  3. Alien Invasion
  4. Fields of Green


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