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The news is full once again, with both game announcements and some broader company news. Kickstarter has a few affordable gems this week that may easily appeal to the gamer on a budget or fans of quick filler titles.


  1. Game Announcements
    1. IDW
      1. Starfall (November)
        1. 30 minutes, 2-4 Players, Scott Almes
        2. Race to discover the most space stuff
      2. Escape from 100 Million BC (October)
        1. 1-6 Players, 2 hours, Kevin Wilson
        2. Reassemble your time machine without triggering the Butterfly Effect
    2. Upperdeck
      1. Legendary Encounters Alien expansion (September)
        1. More cards! Play as the Queen!
    3. WizKids
      1. Blank White Dice
        1. Dry-Erase dice, no idea the point
      2. Dice Stars
        1. Cathala & Maublanc, collecting sets of shooting stars to score points
    4. AEG
      1. Eight Epics (October)
        1. Cooperative dice game, Seiji Kanai
      2. Treasure Lair (November)
        1. Assemble an adventuring party of different skills to collect various treasure in a dungeon
      3. Dice City: By Royal Decree (November)
        1. More…dice stuff.
      4. Istanbul: Letters and Seals (November)
        1. New tiles, postal delivery for points, auction house, companion that acts independently
    5. Rather Dashing Games
      1. Element (December)
    6. Greenbrier Games
      1. Zpocalyse 2 (Spring 2017)
    7. R&R Games
      1. Ulm (October)
        1. Unique action-selection euro
    8. Calliope Games
      1. New Roll For It is Target Exclusive
        1. The box now has a window
    9. Green Couch Games
      1. OutLawed! now on Kickstarter
  2. Hobby News
    1. International Gamers Awards
      1. General Strategy – Multiplayer: Mombasa
      2. General Strategy – Two Player: 7 Wonders Duel
    2. Ultra Pro acquired Playroom Entertainment (The Killer Bunnies people)
    3. Myriad Games Dan Yarrington sued by Zev Schlasinger and Paul Gerardi
      1. Claiming breach of contract and fraud in relation to ZaPD games
    4. GW and FFG have split, leaving 19 titles in limbo
      1. Forbidden Stars, Fury of Dracula, WQ:ACG, CitOW, WH40K Conquest


Kickstarter Spotlight


  1. Cardrogue: A Tabletop Roguelike
    1. Project by: Ryan Saunders
    2. Ending on: September 24th
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $19 (+$8 US Shipping)
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. A tabletop homage to roguelike video games
  2. Pentaquark
    1. Project by: Buttonshy Games
    2. Ending on: September 17th
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $10 (Free US Shipping)
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Solo game, 18 cards
  3. Nightmarium
    1. Project by: Mosigra
    2. Ending on: September 29st
    3. Funding level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: $15 (Free US Shipping)
    5. Quick Pitch:
      1. Creepy Monster Building
  4. Board Game Bowls
    1. Project by: Nick Atkinson
    2. Ending on: October 2nd
    3. Funding Level: FUNDED!
    4. Cost: Variable
    5. Quick Pitch
      1. They’re bowls.



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