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Alchemists | Review

Dec 02, 2015No Comments4515 Views

The phone app is very well done and really sends this game over the top in terms of presentation and function. Be warned, though, Alchemists


The Game | Review

Nov 30, 2015No Comments4136 Views

Get through the deck... or lose.


Ashes: Rise of Phoenixborn | Review

Nov 11, 20152 Comments6730 Views

As an Ashes player, you take control of a Phoenixborn driven mad with a lust for power, seeking only to destroy the others like yourself


Lords of Xidit | Review

Nov 04, 2015No Comments5450 Views

Set in the same universe as Seasons, you are one of the Idrakys, heros tasked with bringing hope and succor to the beleaguered cities and