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November 25, 2014

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c7a310d7a80712d1246bb1a31b76230e_largeWelcome to Episode 10, everyone! This episode Tiff and Matt recap their latest gameplays, Dan decides to get out of bed to talk with everyone about Land Unter in our new segment “The Filler  Feature.” Then, Chris Kirkman, owner of Dice Hate Me Games, joins the cast for a great chat about board game publishing, his new Kickstarter project, New Bedford, and how a squirrel conspired against him to destroy some of his childhood games.

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Show Notes

0:01:29 What We’ve Been Playing
0:31:23 The Filler Feature – Land Unter
0:39:46 Interview – Chris Kirkman, Dice Hate me Games

Featured Games (in order of appearance):


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