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Cubed wombat poop is not a myth!

We’re back! But this time with special guest Matt Wolfe, designer of Wombat Rescue, the latest project to hit Kickstarter from Eagle Gryphon Games. Matt joins us for the entire episode and doesn’t bat an eye as we ask him to contribute to our Two for Two and Hipster Highlight segments on the spot!

After chatting about games most people have never heard of, we settle into a Q&A with Matt centered on the currently funding Wombat Rescue – specifically how he stumbled upon the inspiration for a game about cubed poop and how the game comes to life on the tabletop thanks to vibrant component choices and a stellar art direction.

Show Notes

0:02:48 What We’ve Been Playing

  • Dragon Rampage
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Elysium
  • Dimension
0:20:07 Two for Two
0:32:55 Hipster Highlight
0:42:50 Interview: Matt Wolfe & Wombat Rescue

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