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November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is upon us and while we’re all giving thanks for the wonderful things in our lives, most of us are also stuffing our faces. In celebration of the glorious food with which we say thanks to those who are most important to us, The League brings you a list to highlight our favorite games related to food. Check them out between rounds of turkey and mashed potatoes! Or maybe with a piece of pumpkin pie! Share them with your loved ones! From our League family to yours, bon appetit!


Sometimes cruel, but never capricious, Agricola is the farmers farming game. Plow your fields, plant your crops, and slaughter your livestock… or starve.

Brew Crafters

It’s often dubbed “liquid bread,” so obviously my favorite game involving food is actually one about brewing beer. This is an excellent euro title with an Americana theme, one that is surprisingly unforgiving with its action allowance. Though you could probably brew real beer in the time it takes to set the game up, it’s still one worth checking out.


You and a fellow rival are out for a stroll in the woods to forage for some tasty mushrooms. Players must pick different mushrooms from a line of cards and attempt to collect sets to fry up in their pan for a tasty meal. Timing is key, or else your mushrooms will rot away and be inedible. This is a fantastic two-player game that offers great strategic decisions.

VivaJava: the Coffee Game: the Dice Game

Coffee is one of the best things to consume, so why shouldn’t this be on the list? I love this game, from rolling all the dice to come up with the best combo, to filling in your individual scorecard as you play. VivaJava: the Coffee Game: the Dice Game does a great job spicing up its more traditional Euro namesake, VivaJava: the Coffee Game, by adding in the uncertainty of dice rolling – which is an excellent way to get my attention.

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is a quick and clever card game from the wondrous mind of Uwe Rosenberg in which you are competing chefs trying to fulfill a set of pizza orders the quickest. Players will alternate tossing ingredients and order cards into a combined central pile until the deck is empty. The trick is you want to time your order cards so that you make the most of the prior ingredient cards placed in the pile. Mamma Mia! is an excellent filler game to toss up for the holidays.

Sushi Go!

My choice may actually be more about the food than the game, but Sushi Go! makes the list nonetheless. It’s the king of entry level drafting games and the new version sports some adorably appetizing cartoon seafood.

From the cute little sushi graphics to the fast pace of this card-drafting and set collection game, there is nothing not to love! This is an excellent filler game for all levels of gamers!

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