New Game Releases | Feb. 21 – Feb. 28

March 3, 2014


So much to buy, so little time. Check out the latest releases and find something new for the tabletop!

Blue Max

by Fantasy Flight Games

This World War I dogfight simulation is back with some help from FFG. The second edition of Blue Max features some updated rules and components, with enough in the box for 2-6 players to duke it out for air superiority.

Baldrick’s Tomb

by 5th Street Games

Make your way through the old and unstable halls of Baldrick’s Tomb, in search of the treasures that lie within. Beware, though! As you race to acquire the most treasure, prepare to be stunted by traps, monsters, and your fellow adventurers.

Warmachine High Command – Into the Breach

by Privateer Press

A new batch of cards for the hit of GenCon 2013 is here! With this pack you’ll find 16 new cards (5x of each) that will beef up all four of the available factions. Although I haven’t had a play of High Command, I’ve heard great things about its unique deckbuilding mechanics!

Pathfinder ACG – Fortress of the Stone Giants

by PaizoPathfinder Adventure Card Game: Fortress of the Stone Giants (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 4)

More expansions! This time for Paizo’s very popular Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This new adventure pack is number four (4) in the Rise of the Runelords set, and provides 110 new cards for your campaign. Snag this new deck for more boons, banes, and challenges.

The Builders: Middle Ages

by Asmodee

The latest  release from Asmodee pits 2-4 players against each other in attempt to build the best group of structures. Using a nice combination of card drafting and set collection, players will gather workers and assign them to building projects. Completed buildings score points and the most points wins!

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