New Game Releases | Feb. 28th – Mar. 14th


After a slow opening week of March, your FLGS now has some great things hitting the shelves. Check out what could be coming to your tabletop soon!

Talisman: The Firelands Expansion

by Fantasy Flight Games

As you’ll notice, there are a number of expansions hitting shelves right now. First up, some new content for Talisman in The firelands expansion. This expansion features a new group of baddies, the Ifrit, and a few new heroes to pit against them. If you’re a fan of Talisman, the new cards, characters and Variant Endings could prolong the life of this one!

We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre

by Neverpeak Games

Zombies. I love ’em, but the high concentration of undead themed games have made even me start to sigh at the new releases. Fortunately for these decaying creatures, reputation isn’t a high priority, so they just keep on coming. We Are Dead: Zombie Mall puts a spin on the overused genre, letting you indulge in the intricacies of being a mindless, brain-chomping ghoul. Of particular note is the iconic artwork of Mike Morris, of The Simpsons fame, and Mike Collins, of Adventure Time. Incorporating hand and resource management and cooperative events, We Are Dead: Zombie Mall looks like it could breathe new life (gah!) into this theme.

Al Rashid

by Yemaia

Al Rashid is a worker placement and area control game  set during the Abbasid Dynasty. In this game, players represent different powerful families all looking to pander to the Caliph. Players will use their diverse group of workers, and their different abilities, to control the board, gather resources, and gain influence within the ruler’s court. This game provides a unique twist on the worker placement genre, incorporating variable strength workers and some interesting action-resolution mechanics. I hadn’t heard anything about it before, but may need to check this one out now!

Island Siege

by Ape Games

In Island Siege, players will be building coastal forts to house citizens and build ships, which can then be sent out to destroy their opponent’s forts. Players will gain resources from attacking each other and then use them to enhance their own position – building new forts and ships. As a low-priced game for 2-4 players, Island Siege looks like it could be a great option for a highly interactive game that plays in under an hour. 

Android: Netrunner Cyber War Draft Packs

by Fantasy Flight Games

They’re  here! While the new LCG Draft format, announced at the FFG Worlds event this past year, has been available for A Game of Thrones for a little while now, we Netrunner players have been left twiddling our thumbs. Well, no more! A:NR Draft Packs have hit the shelves, with Runner and Corporation packs separately containing 40 cards from the Cyber War cycle (a combination of the Core Set and the first 6 data packs). This is a great variant for current players and an even lower barrier-to-entry format for new players.

Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

by Cool Mini or Not

Cool Mini or Not does two things well: (1) Run high-grossing Kickstarter campaigns and (2) Make stupidly good looking plastic board-game miniatures. Rivet Wars is yet another piece of support for that being more fact than opinion. Set in an alternate WWII-esque universe, Rivet Wars is a “fast-paced tactical miniatures board game.” Eerily reminiscent of DUST Tactics, Rivet Wars features a range of infantry and vehicle miniatures that look like they drew inspiration from that giant mechanized spider in Wild Wild West. You’re not going to find better board game miniatures, so if small-scale war board games with squat-little mechs and German dudes are you’re thing – here you go.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Legendary: Spider-Man Paint the Town Red Expansion

by Upperdeck

Expansions galore! This one is for Upperdeck’s Marvel themed deck builder, Legendary. This specific expansion is centered around Spiderman and some of his best buds. The small box expansion will provide 5 new heroes, 4 new schemes and 2 new masterminds. While the heroes are only of moderate interest to me, I will gladly pick up this expansion for the sole purpose of having Carnage to battle against. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

A Game of Thrones: Spoils of War Chapter Pack

by Fantasy Flight Games

New cards are never a bad thing. The first Chapter Pack from the Conquest and Defiance cycle, Spoils of War, is here. As usual, you can expect a nice selection of new cards, including some new versions of characters you  may already be wielding. Additionally, this pack introduces the new “Prized” keyword, which is meant to add icing to the cake, providing bonus benefits for doing the things you’d be doing anyway.

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