New Game Releases | Jan. 24 – Jan. 31

January 30, 2014


Let’s check out some of the latest releases that you can now add to your collection!

1. QuantumPassport Game Studios

Command your dice-fleet and conquer your sector of space before your opponents!

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2. Tokaido: Crossroads Expansion, Passport Game Studios

The new expansion to Antoine Bauza’s tourist journey through Japan. Expect more great art and new things to see in your travels!

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3. Rumble in the Dungeon/Rumble in the House, Flatlined Games

Two cool little king-of-the-hill style games that involve you and the other plays duking it out to be the last left in the house…or dungeon…

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4. Lord of the Rings LCG – Nightmare Decks, Fantasy Flight Games

Three new Nightmare Decks, featuring the worst of the worst (enemies) from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, are now available!

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5. Venetia, Passport Games Studio

It’s been a busy week for PGS and this third title is one of strategy and influence in the golden age of the Mediterranean.

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6. One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Bezier Games

A new take on an old favorite! In this new rendition, you have one round (yes, one) to figure things out. Get eaten? New game!

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7. BattleCON: Devastation of Indines, Level 99 Games

A standalone addition to the BattleCON series, Devastation of Indines provides head-to-head and team dueling experiences! I’ve been following this one for some time now and am excited to see it available.

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8. Belfort: The Expansion ExpansionTasty Minstrel Games

No errors in that title. The formerly Kickstarted expansion to Belfort (one of my favorite medium-weight Euros) is here! This one offers new tiles and guilds, as well as Assistants to be used each round.

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9. Eminent Domain: Escalation, Tasty Minstrel Games

New technologies, a purpose for ship sizes and roles for a fifth player! This solid deck builder gets some nice additions.

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10. Gear & Piston, LudiCreations

An interesting card game about creating an automobile prototype, marketed to families. I don’t know much, but it could be cool!

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