Ep. 03 – Obligatory Kickstarter Discussion | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

September 25, 2014


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Welcome everyone, to Episode 3 of the Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers! We have finally hit our stride in terms of editing and sound quality in this latest audio endeavor. Listen to the sweet sounds of Dan, Matt and Tiffany as they discuss recent game plays, chat about what’s new in the boardgaming industry, and delve into the depths of crowdfunding with the Obligatory Kickstarter Discussion. The show tops off with Dan taking over hosting duties while Matt and Tiffany compare their Top 10 Worker Placement Games with the BoardGamesFor.Me search engine.

We appreciate you taking the time to listen in and hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to contact us through social media or at podcast@nonsensicalgamers.com with any positive or constructive feedback. As always, support is also welcomed in the form of iTunes reviews, hearts on BoardGameLinks.com and homemade baked goods.

Show Notes

0:00:24 Hello! and What We’ve Been Playing
0:16:35 Boardcast News and Kickstarter Spotlight
0:39:46 The Obligatory Kickstarter Discussion
1:13:16 Top 10 Worker Placement Games with BoardGamesFor.Me

Featured Games (in order of appearance):

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