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WEB EDITOR/TECH SUPPORT : I enjoy all types of games from fillers to 3 hour euros. I am the least experienced member of the group but I have pretty quickly learned the whose who of the tabletop world. I am always willing to play any game you put in front of me. I enjoy listening to progressive metal music and I am a die hard Baltimore Orioles and Ravens fan.

What We’ve Been Playing (9.20.2015)

Sep 29, 2015No Comments2686 Views

So many games...Here is a list of some of our standout titles that we were able to play this week. (9/20/15)

The Networks | Preview

Sep 22, 2015No Comments3104 Views

Tonight! On The Networks! At 8pm on a very special “So You Think You can Flail,” all of your favorite reality show stars will compete

What We’ve Been Playing (9.13.2015)

Sep 21, 2015No Comments2205 Views

Plenty of games hit our tabletops this past weekend. Check out what we've been playing.

Favorite Dexterity Games | LONG List

Sep 18, 2015No Comments3033 Views

It’s always a good time when we get to play with our hands.

What We’ve Been Playing (9.6.2015)

Sep 14, 2015No Comments2480 Views

Our brief thoughts on some of the games we played this week (9/6/15)

Five Tribes | Review

Aug 13, 2015No Comments7088 Views

Your options are as limitless as the desert sands, and so must you find a perfect balance of influence over the tribes if you wish

Steebin’s Top 5 Gen Con Games

Jul 30, 2015No Comments2568 Views

I was lucky enough to visit Columbus, Ohio this year for the Origins Game Fair 2015. It was a great experience and look forward to

San, Ni, Ichi | Preview

Jun 24, 2015No Comments3773 Views

Using the power of fire, water and earth, you feel that no foe is too powerful. You move among the shadows ready for the attack.

Origins 2015 “Can’t Miss”...

May 29, 2015No Comments4010 Views

Origins Game Fair 2015 is fast approaching! We have compiled a list of board gametitles that are on our radar when we arrive in Columbus,

Istanbul | Review

Jan 29, 20152 Comments8118 Views

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of the bazaar district of Istanbul! Players are merchants, traveling through the busy bazaar with dreams of obtaining the