BCN 7.20.2017 – People Eating People

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  1. Hobby News

    1. Nibcard Games raising money for their second Board Game Convention
    2. Gen Con Sells out of 4-Day Badges for the first time
    3. Plan B Games acquires Eggertspiele
    4. More MAP Policies!
    5. Mike Elliott inducted into the Board Game Hall of Fame
  2. Game Announcements

    1. Blue Orange
      1. Photosynthesis
    2. Avalon Hill
      1. Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition
    3. IDW
      1. Classic Planet of the Apes
      2. The Legend of Korra
    4. Space Cowboys
      1. Three new Unlock games!
    5. Fantasy Flight Games
      1. Genesys RPG System
    6. Hasbro
      1. Monopoly Gamer
    7. Overworld Games
      1. Total Recall
    8. Green Couch Games
      1. Before the Earth Explodes
    9. Plan B Games
      1. Azul


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*News bumper provided by FreeSounds user “Tuben,” who describes the clip as “a short, crappy jingle…”

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