Kickstarter Spotlight | April 9th

April 9, 2014



by Keith Matejka

LoNG_KS_Badge_01Frogs! With swords, and pikes! A strategic card game for 2 to 4 players, Bullfrogs allows you to take control of an amphibian cohort and wage war across the pond, one lillypad at a time. Sadly, the best two stretch goals (frog meeples!) are still locked at an undisclosed value, but $22 will get you a copy of this cool little game.

Conquest of Speros

by Grey Fox Games

Presented as their first self-published title, Grey Fox Games brings us the Conquest of Speros; a card game for 2-4 players that features hand management, unit placement, and area control to weave together a satisfying experience. Victory is achieved by conquering locations from a shared deck, while slaying your opponents units and fulfilling one of your own hidden battle plans.

Custom Game Dice Design

by Custom Game Lab

John Warren, of the Custom Game Lab, brings us this project for a series of custom-engraved d6 designs. Intending to raise the funds to purchase the equipment and materials, his plan is to open up the design lab for anyone to create their own custom designs. The benefit? Cheaper dice, and an open design library for those that, like me, couldn’t scribble their way out of a paper bag.


by Comman Man Games

From Karl Fenner and Common Man Games, of Police Precinct fame, we have their latest project with a police procedural theme – Snitch! As a detective on the force, you must walk the line between satisfying the District Attorney while building your street cred with the various Snitches that you meet, with the end goal of taking down the Kingpin. Featuring a tile-laying mechanic along with a modified form of pick-up and delivery, Snitch is an interesting blend between Euro and card game.

Tabletop, Season 3

by Geek and Sundry / Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton and friends have joined the crowdfunding bandwagon, and are funding Season Three of their hit web show, Tabletop, through the Indigogo website. Launched on International Tabletop Day, this project raised a good 150K on the first day, and is currently sitting at 98% of the 500k goal. Personally, they funded the first two seasons just fine by themselves, and I’m reasonably certain they didn’t need our help in going for the third, but either way, if you want to toss a few bucks that way to show your support, go for it!

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