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SENIOR EDITOR : Refined gamer, collector, consummate geek. Hoarder of miniatures, reluctant painter. My tastes run towards the strategic side of the fence, with city / civilization / empire builders at the focus. I've moved away from direct-conflict games these days, unless they're two-player or one versus many, so one can properly admire the beatdown put upon the opposing side. Yes, I've been known to wear hats with fuzzy ears on them.

About Smee

Apr 04, 2016No Comments3810 Views

Listen, if you dare, and behold the tale of Smee.

M.U.L.E. | Review

Mar 25, 2016No Comments6511 Views

M.U.L.E. is a competitive economic game for three to four colonists, based off of the old Atari game of the same name.

Pack O Game – Set 2 | Preview

Feb 25, 2016No Comments6510 Views

Pack O Game is a series of small card games with a surprising amount of gameplay, strategy and fun. Each game in a tuck box

Brew Crafters | Review

Jan 15, 2016No Comments5736 Views

Beer. The cause of, and the solution to, all of life’s problems. As the owner of a start-up brewing company, your job is to oversee

Smee’s Top 10 of 2015 | LONG List

Jan 07, 20161 Comment3821 Views

Smee's top 10 of 2015!

Lords of Xidit | Review

Nov 04, 2015No Comments6743 Views

Set in the same universe as Seasons, you are one of the Idrakys, heros tasked with bringing hope and succor to the beleaguered cities and

Smee’s Top 5 Gen Con Games

Jul 30, 2015No Comments4191 Views

For the first time in 10 years running, I won't be hitting Gen Con this season, but you can catch the dynamic duo of naD

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 10th

Apr 10, 2015No Comments2643 Views

This week, get a charge out of Ion, and roll against the darkness with The King's Abbey! In other news, WarQuest hopes that the heyday

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 3rd

Apr 03, 2015No Comments2386 Views

Just in time for the weekend, check out the latest batch of Kickstarter projects! Some of these are nearly going... going.. gone!

Kickstarter Spotlight – March 4th

Mar 05, 2015No Comments3259 Views

Brewin' USA matches up this week with the edge-of-your-seat excitement in Bottom of the 9th! We also find ourselves between a rock and a hard